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Sun 7 Feb 2021
at 06:55
Request for a 2nd Edition DnD Game
All I ask, though I am flexible, is the following.....

-game is set in the Forgotten Realms
-level 1 strongly preferred(like starting from scratch)
-group play
-Players Options rules(Skills and Powers, Spells and Magic) allowed but am willing to work without. Like some of the nonweapon proficiencies included in those rules
-75 point buy for stats, again I am willing to be flexible and accept whatever the DM wants in regarding to this but I tend to play specialized classes such as ranger and specialist wizards and in particular invokers
-would love to do Doom of Daggerdale but would also love to go on original adventures if DM is willing to run one
-openmindedness from DM willing to allow me to try my own character no matter how unusual or strange such as child wizard or a former spoiled princess from another world transferred to Faerun and currently a ranger defending the forests of Shadowdale. I like roleplaying and character development and do not want to play mere cardboard stereotypical character classes and characters.
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Thu 18 Feb 2021
at 17:41
Request for a 2nd Edition DnD Game
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Fri 5 Mar 2021
at 04:57
Request for a 2nd Edition DnD Game
Really want to do this.