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Tue 28 Dec 2021
at 04:26
Cthulhu Game? Dare I hope for Trail Of Cthulhu?
RPoL hooked me with an absolutely fantastic Cthulhu game (my first Mythos game experience) and for a few months I was in play-by-post heaven. Unfortunately I have since learned that games here all too quickly go the way of the dinosaurs due to player attrition, which understandably in turn grinds down GMs' will to continue.

Good games have been difficult for me to find here, so I'm mired in a few mediocre-at-best ones watching the lazy half the party get spoon-fed or dragged along.

If I promise to treat your faster paced, good game with the attention it deserves would you run a game for me? Most days I check the site here several times, I liken a good game to a good book and won't want to put it down.

I recently purchased the Trail Of Cthulhu book for myself and would be keen to try the Gumshoe engine if a beggar could turn chooser. Regular ol' Cthulhu and Deadlands also good, or heck, pitch me your rules-light homebrew.

I throw myself at the mercy of the court!

Hoping to not sound too picky, because when things are going well here it's a fantastic drug,
- SuitcaseSmith
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Sun 9 Jan 2022
at 22:44
Cthulhu Game? Dare I hope for Trail Of Cthulhu?
In reply to SuitcaseSmith (msg # 1):

Hi, I'm planning to run a Trail Of Cthulhu version of the Horror On The Orient Express campain. But I still need a couple of weeks to set up the last few things.
Let me know if you are interested.
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Mon 10 Jan 2022
at 15:11
Cthulhu Game? Dare I hope for Trail Of Cthulhu?
I'd be interested in that as well. I'll watch for the ads, or reach out by rmail.
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Sat 15 Jan 2022
at 08:56
Cthulhu Game? Dare I hope for Trail Of Cthulhu?
I would be very interested to join a ToC Horror on the Orient Express. I check the site every day, and I've got a daily-posting game coming to an end soon, so I could do to join one soon to fill that spot.

I've been in a few different attempted CoC mega-campaigns on this site, and like you point out they tend to have high player attrition.