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Thu 30 Dec 2021
at 23:05
Seeking Low Level DnD 3.5 Game
I am really wanting to play in a Dungeon and Dragons 3.5 game starting at 1st level preferably. If possible, I would love the game to be very gritty and morally grey but not necessarily evil.
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Thu 6 Jan 2022
at 06:39
Seeking Low Level DnD 3.5 Game
I have two low level games.

The one I think will fit your request best, is lvl 1 start. I have not drafted any sort of plot points or direction for the campaign. The only thing that has been decided is it is a core books only games.
phb, DMG, monster manual, and

I am running it under the adult content banner, NOT because I am planning and "bedroom content". But like you said ...

... "gritty and morally grey, but not evil".
link to another game

No one has sent an RTJ yet so make of that what you wish.

The other game is already under way, and is also rated adult for the same reasons.

link to another game

Lvl 3
Magic is just recently returned (3 months ago)
Undead have begun to show up.

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