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Wed 15 Jun 2022
at 18:11
Investigative Horror (CoC Style)
Hi all! I'm looking for a investigative horror game. I'm open on what system we play (I have experience with CoC 6th and Silent Legions, I'll pick up CoC 7th if needed).

I'm open on setting and plot. I generally prefer the "classic" set up of CoC style games (1920's, etc.) but I'm not dead-set on that. Mostly I'm looking for a game where we can explore mysteries, interact with the strange and horrifying, and slip further and further into insanity. I would prefer a focus on role playing and investigation.

Anyone interested in running this kind of game?
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Wed 15 Jun 2022
at 21:40
Investigative Horror (CoC Style)
I read in the Game Proposals forum that Gaffer is preparing for his next CoC adventure and I can definitely recommend him as a great GM for this ruleset.
I suggest you get in touch with him :)
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Fri 17 Jun 2022
at 04:50
Investigative Horror (CoC Style)
Thanks, Yaztromo.

Hi Drackler. Yes, I expect to get a new one going soon.