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Thu 23 Jun 2022
at 23:50
Solo Game(s)
So Hi I am Elfy and I am looking for a solo game or two.
I run a lot of games and I am in a very few.

I am interested in the following systems.
2nd edition dnd
3rd-3.5 dnd
Elfquest ( does anyone even remember this system by Casoium ?)
Palladium Fantasy
Mutants & Masterminds 2ed.
City of Mist
Pathfinder 1st edition only
Call of Cthulhu

Types of Games I am interested
2nd edition
I would love to run through The Night Below ( I have got as far as the 2nd book and the game has died )
I would love something in the Time of Troubles in the Forgotten Realms or even something in the Cormanthyr area back before modern times.
I am open to Ravenloft as well.
3.5- Pretty much anything Forgotten Realms or Ravenloft related!
Elfquest- If you've even heard of it I would love something none Wolfrider-related like Blue Mountain etc.

Rifts- England, Africa, Madhaven anything no Coalition.

Palladium Fantasy - Adventures out the wilds or hidden places. Pretty much anything

Mutants and Masterminds - I would love a setting like The Coven -Comic, or maybe something heavily otherworldly influenced.

City of Mist- since this is myth's and adventures I have many ideas for characters and its also very GM / Player interactive.

Pathfinder- Carrion Crown maybe, something hunting down ancient ruins and adventure.
I would love a chance to play a higher-level Mythic Character

I can usually post every other day sometimes daily, it depends currently i have had the worst luck with Cox Cable ( it is the only thing available where I am and has been going out completely lately so please be patient )

I have physical therapy every week so pending on the day I will likely be conked out on that day.

I am EST.

I have discord. ( but I do not rp there )

I have adult access.

This is fairly jumbled because I am typing it out as I think on it. Still please hit me up if your willing. I love to write in horror, fantasy, high fantasy. Modern & Fantasy. I am willing to work with a gm, I am not a rules lawyer and I rarely complain about a game I have gmed for so long, I know how rough it is to be behind the screen. I am patient. Thank you for having a look at this.
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Fri 15 Jul 2022
at 01:17
Solo Game(s)
Let me know if you ever start a Rifts, Mutants & Masterminds or CoC game. I would definitely like to play these.
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Fri 15 Jul 2022
at 03:45
Solo Game(s)
I'm a big Rifts fan and I have all the Palladium Fantasy books.
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Fri 15 Jul 2022
at 14:52
Solo Game(s)
I suppose you're looking for a GM, since You run a lot of games and you are in a very few.

If you like the idea of playing a level 5 Path of War or Spheres character, exploring ancient ruins, secrets and cultures, hit me up with a pm.

What the hell, I might even be persuaded for gestalt.