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Sun 25 Sep 2022
at 14:47
Exalted 2e Allies & Amalgams
Looking to play a Nightbringer (Night Solar) returned to Nexus, with the Emissary as a Mentor, a couple allies, lots of resources and the imbue amalgam spell. I typically base my characters with backgrounds in the onset. So I wanted to make sure this was known ASAP.

Very flexible on location beyond Nexus, whether Nexus is a distant haven, or the whole game takes place in Nexus, but would prefer a scavenger lands oriented game with a minor in Nexus.

Traicha (my character) would thrive with other PCs that have mote or willpower expenditures over normal. Those that would appreciate a "fill up" of those assets will have a good means of getting that.

My only real sticking points are as follows:
  • By large and far stick to printed material. Please be sparing to make custom charms, artifacts, hearthstones and actions. The system has flaws, and I'd like a ST who can embrace them with all the positive traits they bring.
  • Allow any backgrounds available to character types (Sifu to Sidereals, Cult to Lunars, Manses to pretty much any exalt) unless they are N/A. I like to have one (sometimes two) level 5 backgrounds, and I'd like all players to have the freedom to do that if they choose, without a lot of hassle. I'm not asking for Solars to have cult 5, or Sidereals an easy resources 5. Just those backgrounds printed as available. Most specifically artifacts and manses with a * to ***** rating (non-N/A basically).
  • Steady XP for RL time. Not a lot, but at least 10 XP per RL year.
  • Combat be a large minor. That is, a large portion but not majority of the game. I like action! I thrive on stunts in combat or hazards.

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Mon 3 Oct 2022
at 08:57
Exalted 2e Allies & Amalgams
Still looking
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Mon 10 Apr 2023
at 09:35
Exalted 2e Allies & Amalgams
Looking, ahead of a move into a home after over a year of homelessness. I'm very hyped about interacting with exalted characters. The last part of my face to face group and I finally parted ways, and I need to branch out now more than ever.
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Fri 12 May 2023
at 03:22
Exalted 2e Allies & Amalgams
A month later and this idea is still on my mind. I'm open to a mix group of exalts, I'm open to imperfect circles. I just want to play with another vision of Nexus with the Emissary as a sympathetic (and powerful beyond the Empress) Mentor.
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Sun 2 Jul 2023
at 04:28
Exalted 2e Allies & Amalgams
This is a last attempt for the foreseeable future. I'd love to play a 2.5 Exalted game in Nexus, with the Emissary as a Mentor; be it the lawgiver Contagion Survivor, or multiple Celestials all sharing the Mask. I'll also invest in Imbue Amalgam.
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Sun 2 Jul 2023
at 20:29
Exalted 2e Allies & Amalgams
In reply to V_V (msg # 5):

not offering to GM, but naturally putting my hat into the ring to play