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Tue 18 Oct 2022
at 01:04
Looking for a good old fashioned Western!
I'm in the mood for a proper Western and I'm hoping some kindly GM will give me the opportunity to don hat, spurs and six guns.

The system isn't that important though I'd much prefer something simple over something complicated, especially if I haven't actually played it before!
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Tue 18 Oct 2022
at 08:01
Looking for a good old fashioned Western! Laredo

I have been running this western for over 17 years.  Itís basically freeform but with simple D20 to settle one on one fights or contests.  It is an Adult  reactive freeform game.  Not sandbox or scripted but there are plots.  Always looking for male & female characters.  Slow to moderate posting eates cause we all have real lives.  Basically life in an old west town in Texas.  Circa 1870s.  Fun bunch of players with No arguing or bad ooc attitudes.