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Tue 7 Mar 2023
at 19:44
High level NOT SO Dragonlance 3.5 fun

So... would someone like to run a high level D&D 3.5 Dragonlance game? I am talking 12th level or higher.
Months ago, I found the most badass feat ever: Create Draconian
I also found a great creature: The noble draconian.

My idea is to play a very old Dragonwrought Kobold that will kidnap chromatic dragon eggs and spite on them in a holy ritual. That way the chromatic fetus will die horribly and instead champions of good will emerge from the mess, the soul of each evil wyrmling divided by good and twisted to follow our righteous war against evil, ready to hunt their parent with us. The shock and horror of the evil dragons realizing that I am using their own younglings to kill them can only be described as the coolest thing ever.

I have two more players to complete the holy ritual, a Mystic and someone who will play an arcane class. I provide the ritualistic spit on the eggs.

More players can also be welcome, we need more and more divine spells, arcane spells and draconic spit to create an army that will destroy Takhisis' forces for good. Mass productions of Noble Draconians! All we need is the raw materials!

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Wed 15 Mar 2023
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High level Dragonlance 3.5 fun
Out of curiosity what is the over-all plot you are looking for. You are going to be in the War of the Lances and war came to all parts of Kyrnn. You have a ritual but that takes time even with high levels.

Are you looking to quest for the eggs
Find them and defeat forces that have them.
Than work on the ritual.

What type of books are you looking at using. Since this is Dragonlance some classes and books would simply not be avaliable.

Your over all goal is to gather these forces and fight the Dark Queen's forces.
What are the smaller goals going to be.
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Thu 16 Mar 2023
at 07:03
High level Dragonlance 3.5 fun
Our idea is to go Mission: Impossible style into the cromatic nests and steal the eggs while the evil parents are busy fighting metallic dragons.

At first, white dragons and then we advance till we are ready to get into a red one's lair.

I was thinking in dress in all black and cry around, Llorona style too.

I think my dragonwrought kobold will be a bard. The mystic needs to be a mystic to teach the Vapor Draconians. So, Mysticism should exist in the era we will play.

Ideally some dragon magazine and Magic of Incarnum will also be able for character creation. That way I can make a wyvern become my animal companion and give it a two arms, so he can feel like a full dragon. A dragonwrought kobold is a true dragon... so a true dragon will be mounting a fake dragon. LOL.

By the way, we wrote this song for my kobold bard!


We suffered your evil way
We will make you with blood pay
We cried your great vile deeds
Our blood spilled on the fields
We spit on your EGGGGS!!!!

You used our children's corpses to play
You throwed our innocents into the fray
You destroyed our lives to have fun
You will learn how to run
We want you DEAAAADDD!!!

Branchala blessed them the beauty of love
Habbakuk bestowed them the patience of a dove
Kiri-Jolith gave them the solidarity for the group
Mishakal granted them the ability to cure the pure
We saw them all dead thanks to YOOOUUUUU!!!

But now Paladine has heard our cries
In his wisdom he has showed us a new way
At noon we will come for your eggs
And you will be impotent to stop our play
We know how our debt will be REPAAAAID!

Will you hear your wyrmlings' cries in your dreams?
In our sleep we surely hear our children' screams
Will you feel in your heart the pain they will endure
Its the same we feel when we see the graves beyond the dune!
We hear our sons and daughter accusing YOUUUUUU!

Death won't release our younglings.
We will never embrace them again.
But you will see yours marching...

And they will bring you...
The Frost of our HAAAATE!!!
The Venom of our SPIIITE!!!
The Vapor of our SCOOORRN!!!
The Lightning of our WRAAATH!!!
The Flame of our RAAAGE!!!

And our only joy will come from
The pain of your BAAABES!!!
The Justice on your BLAAAME!!!
The horror in your FAAACE!!!
The extinction of your RAAACE!!!

We offer your wyrmlings' souls
To be cut by Paladine's claws
Their vile unholy wickedness, twisted
and with platinum words, consecrated.

The suffering of the darkness
As it turns into brightness
Vile essence of a creature faints
Becoming the martyrdom of saints

And they will bring you...
The Frost of our HAAAATE!!!
The Venom of our SPIIITE!!!
The Vapor of our SCOOORRN!!!
The Lightning of our WRAAATH!!!
The Flame of our RAAAGE!!!

And our only joy will come from
The pain of your BAAABES!!!
The Justice on your BLAAAME!!!
The horror in your FAAACE!!!
The extinction of your RAAACE!!!


My kobold then will smash the lute on the floor as the crowd will cheer and applause.
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Thu 16 Mar 2023
at 22:42
High level Dragonlance 3.5 fun
I have reread your post and I agree that we could use some help and protection when we are performing the ritual. We can add then the need to hire mercenaries or stablish some connections with the armies of light to teleport to a secure place when we have the eggs.

As I said, I am happy with Unearthed Arcana's Fey Bard, Dragon Magazine 326's Savage Empathy and Monstruous Animal Companion feats, Complete Adventurer's Natural Bond and Magic of Incarnum's totemist to give the wyvern two arms to become a full dragon, just like he always wanted. Is that too much? I can adapt.

Smaller goals? Dunno. Our characters' sons and daughters are dead. So we should also save money to resurrect them if the mystic gets into 14th level.
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Mon 17 Apr 2023
at 15:35
High level Dragonlance 3.5 fun
For the sake to attract more GMs we are more than willing to export the ritual to other settings. After all every setting has chromatic dragons that need to be dealt with. Even your homebrew one!

This group of brave adventurers are oficially called now The Llorones!

If our death metal song was a little non-medieval to you, then perhaps a more bardic one can convince you how awesome this game would be?

The music:

White mother, do you duty
White mother, do you duty
But do it fast because good things can happen to your eggs
Even with lots of elite guards watching over them

Black mother, do your duty
Black mother, do your duty
But keep in mind that no matter how well hidden is your nest
Someone will know how to beat your defenses the best

Green mother, fly high.
Green mother, fly high.
Just try not to be far from your home
Or the champions of good will swiftly come.

Blue mother, don't fail your mission
Blue mother, don't fail your mission
Don't abandon your wyrmling in their time of need
Or little hands will take them to the Platinum King

Red mother, return to your nest fast
Red mother, return to your nest fast
'cause your baby, the hero, and Paladine make three
And their holy deeds will make you weep

Come on! We know that everyone wants to see a noble draconian shouting "Paladine is the greatest! Paladine is the greatest!" in Draconic while activating their death throes and hugging a Knight of the Thorn!

*For other settings, you can replace Paladine for Bahamut and Knight of the Thorn for another evil knightly order.

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Thu 25 May 2023
at 00:06
High level Dragonlance 3.5 fun
Bump! And we, the Llorones, also want to clarify some things.

1) We are not looking to play the villains! Those will be our character's victims! :D We will play the heroes of the story.
2) The ritual we want to do with our characters is like the Sanctify the Wicked spell from Book of Exalted Deeds. And that is an exalted (in other words, gooder than regular good) spell.
The differences is that:
a) It is way faster. A year against a few hours.
b) Instead of us sacrificing 1 character level and 10000 gp (bad, very bad because it let us weak against the monsters the threaten the world), we sacrifice the body and soul of the evil chromatic dragon fetus instead (Which is good because it has zero cost to us, the champions of good!)
c) Instead of just getting a single good creature, we get at least 2 good creatures per egg. The number varies according with the race of the egg but we get more good creatures than with Sanctify the Wicked.

As you can see, the ritual is way better in every sense than the Sanctify the Wicked spell because it offers a more effective and efficient way to fight evil and spread good. That is why we want to attack the vile chromatic dragons with holy mockeries of their dead children in the name of Paladine/Bahamut/(insert a good dragon god's name here)!

So, yes, our heroic character are still looking for a home :)