Nathanael Lockeford
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Thu 18 May 2023
at 06:15
LF Arena Based DND 5e
Howdy folks,

I am currently immersed in the world of a game here and thoroughly enjoying its unique blend of fantasy, sports entertainment, and arena-based gameplay. Due to a lot being on their plate of late the GM has had to slow down now and then on their posting frequency leaving me desiring more but with nowhere to turn. I'm seeking a game that shares similar elements. Specifically, I am looking for a game that encompasses the following:

-Arena-Based Gameplay: Engaging in tactical combat, strategic maneuvers, and overcoming obstacles within arenas or similar environments.

-Progression and Recognition: The opportunity to progress from a novice adventurer to a renowned champion, earning rewards, gaining recognition, and potentially joining prestigious leagues or achieving hall of fame status.

I'm not looking to quit my other game, just to add more games to my roster, which is possible recently due to some major life changes opening up my schedule.

So if somebody out there wants to run an arena based game, or already is running something of the like and wouldn't mind adding another player to their ranks, I'd sure like to hear about it.

You can reach out to me here or by rMail.

Happy gaming y'all!