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09:41, 23rd July 2024 (GMT+0)

I would like to find a home for.

Posted by Fireball30
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Wed 7 Jun 2023
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I would like to find a home for

I'm looking for DnD style. Any game that has free player info online I guess.  I don't have big pockets.

 Medieval or furure/syfi Supernatral/fantacy. Action/adventure.

I'm not looking for modern mundane, I all ready live there.

Appearance : long black hair. Dark eyes. Dark burgandy skin. Lithe the body. Rams horns and long tail

Background: Larissa was born to a human mother. When she was six her mother disappeared unexpectedly. Larissa saw her being forced into the woods. She became an orphan. Being an orphaned tyfling in a human village was far from easy. She was bullied by the other orphans, always getting into trouble. She tried to keep to herself. Keep her head on her studies. Being that the church ran the orphanage her studies were the gods. There was a day when a hulking creature came to the village and ransacked it. She defeated it with her cleric ability. Then the village accepted her as one of them.


Name (First and Last):

First : Nakima ( early spring. The sun just begins to peak over the mountaine horizon. A wind comes from the peaks and sweeps down the slopes of the northern mountains. The kind of wind that reminds one that winter is not yet over and a blizzard is brewing.)

Last :Fireflake Family name

Race: Dragonborn ice Mother was ice father was fire.


When Nakima was young, the planet she lived on-the name is forgotten - a huge calimity was prophesied. The planets orbit took it in the the path of a asteroid belt. The mages of the planet conjured portals to new worlds. They knew not what was on the other side, but staying was certain death.

Brief History: Nakima found her self all alone. She took up with some other  dragons. They were all orphens. Some stuff happened sonmthing with a witch and a cow. Name calling. The which cursed Nakima. She was no longer able to transform from full dragon to bipedal. Now stuck in half dragon half human shape.
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