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Development is currently:  ACTIVE (but...)

Posted by jase
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Tue 31 Mar 2009
at 18:47

Development is currently:  ACTIVE (but...)

Special note:  Activity is currently limited to making the responsive layout work.  Work has to concentrate on getting that done before I can make any other enhancements.

If you're keen for a feature to be implemented then you need to assist with the responsive layout first.  Failure to help with that will delay any other features.

Active:  Make suggestions 'cos I'm in the mood.  RPoL's code is current getting reworked and now is the time to make suggestions.

Inactive/On Hold:  One of two things.  I'm on holiday or I'm trying to get the latest round of changes implemented.  When trying to finalise the new code you have to avoid "feature creep" (i.e. adding just one more feature...) and concentrate on implementing the current set of changes.

When development isn't active feel free to still make suggestions, but beware that they probably won't get the attention they deserve until later.  You can either hold off posting your idea until later or post it now and remember you might have to bump your post a bit later on.
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