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Sun 14 Feb 2021
at 23:55
Re: RPoL Design Update
Unfortunately not, as mentioned the system has to retrieve the saved message from the server.  The source can be very different to what you're seeing (or what others should be seeing).  Tables, grids, colouring, private lines, secret lines, languages, lists, images... the list goes on.

If it was done that way then you'd lose all formatting (tables and lists would become a mass of text) and all private, secret and language lines would be included as you see them.

Best option, keeping those issues in mind is to go to the message, copy the text, hit quote and then replace with your clipboard.
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Mon 15 Feb 2021
at 04:00
Re: RPoL Design Update
Suspected as much. Having the older messages visible will facilitate that, so it's good.
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Sat 20 Feb 2021
at 11:44
Re: RPoL Design Update
In reply to jase (msg # 504):

I have tried this and it works brilliantly thank you so much for this feature to quote more than one post.  As always you give us your best and you are much appreciated for it.  It is a big help to me! x
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Tue 23 Feb 2021
at 20:22
Re: RPoL Design Update
Noticed a bit of weirdness recently, not sure for how long it's been going on but was at least happening yesterday and today.

Hitting 'Post a Reply' at the bottom of a thread is auto-populating the Subject from the post at the *TOP* of the viewable page into the post window, instead of the title from the most-recent post in the thread. Not sure if this is because the title used to pull from the topmost post (when the recent posts were below the post window in reverse order) or what, but I've caught it happening twice now.

Edit for clarity: When it just happened to me, I was trying to reply to post #153 of a thread, but it pulled the Subject title from post #119, which was the topmost visible post of that page when in the reply composition window.

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Fri 26 Feb 2021
at 17:01
Re: RPoL Design Update
Got some more weirdness out of nowhere.

So, PMs now trip Last Post*, and for GM-controlled characters (NPC or PC) trip Last Login on the cast list that players see (which is good, since that's back on the non-mouseover cast list), but for some reason...that's not staying in at least one instance I've found.

Yesterday, a round of PMs tripped a last login for GM-controlled characters in a new game and turned their Last Login to (as it should have) 'Today'.

Today, every last one of those GM-controlled characters, all of whom are showing a Last Post of yesterday still (because of the PM that was sent that tripped their login), are showing Last Logins of 'Never'. Yesterday, the day they made their PM post, they were showing Last Logins of 'Today'. I'm not seeing this behavior in games where characters have all previously posted in public threads, so I suspect this is somehow related to having ONLY posted in PMs but I could be wrong. At the very least, where I can verify, in every game with a GM-controlled character that HAS posted in a public thread, they are not reverting to a 'Never' Last Login.

*-Additionally, PMs are also not tripping Last Post consistently. Some player-owned characters ARE having their Last Post tripped by PMing with the GM (either in their RTJ thread or otherwise). Most are not. (Roughly 1/3 of the player characters are having their Last Post count their PMs with the GM, the other 2/3 still show 'Never' as their Last Post, despite being deep in discussion with the GM.) GM-controlled characters that PM only other GM-controlled characters are NOT having their Last Post tripped at all. If a GM-controlled character starts a PM with player characters, it will trip Last Post for the player character, but not the GM character. If a player character starts the PM with a GM-controlled character, and the GM character responds, it will trip their Last Post and Last Login, but apparently only for the day the post was made.

I know you've put a lot of work into trying to fix the system that attempts to obfuscate GM-controlled characters, jase, but I'm beginning to feel like the best fix is to undo all of it and revert it back to the old years-ago situation of GM-controlled characters logging in when the GM does. The system that 'scrambles' their Last Login seems like it's causing more harm than good by creating these weird discrepancies. At the very least, it seems easier on you. =(
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Sun 28 Feb 2021
at 13:08
Re: RPoL Design Update
Strange issue that's easily overcome but annoying. On mobile (Android, Chrome) whenever I click to post, the subject and post as boxes are hidden. I can turn my phone sideways (landscape) and it shows back up, and it remains visible once I turn my phone portrait mode again.

Like I said, small issue, but didn't see anyone else point it out yet. Thanks a ton for this awesome website and all the work you do Jase!
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Wed 17 Mar 2021
at 13:18
Re: RPoL Design Update
Small weirdness this morning, not majorly concerning, but felt like a different behavior than usual.

Was working on a post and decided to back out of it, so went to hit back, got the whole expected 'confirm you want to leave the page' popup and did that, then it tripped a solid gray page with a 'Confirm Form Resubmission' (this is where things start to get unusual, since I'm pretty sure that usually confirming leaving the page with the popup just took us back to the thread before). So I did...

...and it popped up the thread with the reply posting window containing the entirety of the last post I had made in the thread days ago as if it had just been written and was ready to repost. o.O

As an aside, can confirm now with regards to post #511 above that GM-controlled characters do NOT have their last logins reset to 'Never' at midnight once they have made posts in public threads. It continues to reset to 'Never' at midnight for GM-controlled characters that haven't posted in public threads.
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Wed 21 Apr 2021
at 22:53
Minor glitch
Minor glitch noticed -

Have noticed a PM thread that has turned to all monotype font, seems roughly related to one party of the thread posting a table in a post (using a self-made grid of | and __ markers and the <tt> option, which apparently forces things into tables in responsive, which is sad but besides the point here...). Every post since that one in the thread is in monotype font.

There's no monotype in the post with the table, and nothing appears in the reply window to indicate that posts are going to be in monotype font, but they've definitely all been entirely in monotype since the post with the table.
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Sat 15 May 2021
at 05:26
Minor glitch
jase - possible issue with the way the responsive (and old site ??) handles daylight saving per discussion in this thread here:

link to a message in this forum

Seems mainly to be a problem with times on the Cast list, which made me think it could be something to do with the code that fudges time for GMs OR it might very well be a system/browser issue ... but figured you'd able to pronounce definitively cos I can't.  <grins>

Since we don't do Daylight Saving time adjustments where I live, it all looks fine to me, of course.  :>
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Fri 23 Jul 2021
at 19:12
New site design
Any chance we can get a "Mark AS Read" button at the top of the page too?  Quite often I just hit that to mark everything read without ever opening a thread in a forum (and having to scroll down is just so passe... :P ).

It's an ease of life feature I liked from the old site, I've finally decided to switch to the responsive site and it's the one thing I miss.  (So far)
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Fri 23 Jul 2021
at 19:21
Re: RPoL Design Update
If you tap/click the "dice"/"this forum" drop-down menu, the option is also located there, which will cost you an extra click but save you a scroll.
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Fri 23 Jul 2021
at 19:44
Re: RPoL Design Update
If you tap/click the "dice"/"this forum" drop-down menu, the option is also located there, which will cost you an extra click but save you a scroll.

Awesome!  I'm fine with an extra click... that scrolling was just soooo tiring!  ;)
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Sat 24 Jul 2021
at 01:16
Re: RPoL Design Update
Since I'm trying to fully explore the responsive site, including on Mobile...  any chance we can get a choice between dark, neutral, and light colours for these button Icons:


Because on my theme they look like this:


Which I can survive, but it took some fiddling around on my phone to even realize those buttons existed (at first I made the header backgrounds the same shade as the button icons without realizing it).  It's fine on my preferred browsing experience (Glorious PC Master Race), but like I said, on my phone I was lost trying to find stuff when I first implemented my "UltraDarkBumblebee" theme.

Also, anyway to get teh info here:


... to spread out a bit so those forums look more like this:


I'm not even saying it has to be some autosizing thing (though, you know, that would be sweet), but if we could set a maximum height for those forum buttons... or something.  It looks pretty good on mobile, it's only a little "overly large", but I understand "not all devices work the same", etc.
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Sat 24 Jul 2021
at 14:45
Re: RPoL Design Update
To create a purple (or any coloured) theme I'm going to go off an use the same theme creation tool you're using.

Will there be a way to use the images from the 'pastel' theme on the OG site on the responsive site at some point? I can load in the colors easily enough but I'm wondering about the awesome 50's diner logo and background image, lol. I'm sure it isn't a priority but I'm curious if we can expect to see that functionality one day :)
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Sat 24 Jul 2021
at 15:10
Re: RPoL Design Update

This message was deleted by the user at 15:12, Sat 24 July 2021.

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Mon 27 Sep 2021
at 01:37
Re: RPoL Design Update
When using the quite reply thing, the title of the new post is set to the same as the one of the first post on the current page.

In most cases, it's not a problem since the title doesn't really change. But when the title of the thread or even just the title of the messages change (for example to track locations in a character's thread) it's a bit annoying, particularly since it doesn't really make any sense.

Could you make it so the new post's title is by default either the thread's title or the same as the last message in the thread?
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Wed 22 Jun 2022
at 17:15
Re: RPoL Design Update
With a little help from a friend who has a custom theme that makes the visual appearance of the responsive site easier to work with, I have been exclusively using the Responsive site for several weeks now. In that time, I have only one real gripe that isn't "I've been using the old site for years and muscle memory keeps expecting links to be where they are on the old site."

My one gripe is explicitly for using the site on PC with a mouse. When visiting the cast list, some of the information is hidden by a little dropdown section. This is good because it keeps things less cluttered and easier to read. However, when mousing over entries on the list, there is a faint delay before those drop-down sections automatically expand. Then the mouse moves away from them, there is a similar delay before they automatically close.

I have been finding this automatic function to be very frustrating to use with a mouse on PC. What keeps happening is that I inadvertently mouse over several cast members while moving the cursor to the character I want details on. Some of these will expand because the cursor touched them. This moves the list below them down. Then, I get the cursor to where I think I need it and the entries above it close, moving the list up again. This leads to my cursor winding up one or more entries down from where I wanted it to be and with an entry expanded that I didn't need to see. I can't keep entries expanded (e.g. to look at two characters' Groups simultaneously).

On mobile, the function of this page is great, because they expand when you tap them. The trouble is that you can't click them to toggle whether they are expanded or not on PC.
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Sun 4 Dec 2022
at 03:34
Re: RPoL Design Update
Has something changed regarding the style text feature?

I used to be able to cut/paste dice roller results for multiple rolls and tag outside with <orange> tags and the whole rolls showed in orange. Now it seems to break and an unwritten class='helphover'> appears after the first roll.
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Sat 7 Jan 2023
at 16:18
Re: RPoL Design Update
Alright, alright, alright... I'll admit that I've been using the responsive site on a new phone after years of dragging my feet and griping. It's really great.

/ME eats his hat, red feather and all!

Could we have a toggle in the Preferences tab that would allow those of us who've taken the plunge, to hide the Thank You box? After a year of seeing it several times a day, it's gotten slightly annoying.

Thank you for testing out the new responsive site for RPoL.  If you wish to submit feedback or ask questions please visit RPoL Development.

Thanks again, and hello from a newly converted Grognard to the new-fangled website!
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Sat 7 Jan 2023
at 17:04
Re: RPoL Design Update
I guess I see how that might become annoying on a phone, where screen real estate is a lot more precious.  I exclusively use the new site and I almost never notice it.  (... on my 33-inch screen)
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Sat 7 Jan 2023
at 18:53
Re: RPoL Design Update
I guess I see how that might become annoying on a phone, where screen real estate is a lot more precious.  I exclusively use the new site and I almost never notice it.  (... on my 33-inch screen)

I use my laptop exclusively and I hate it. I don't mind that people don't hate it, but it's nice to have options. That being said, I haven't bothered to attack it with ScriptSafe like I have some of the things on other sites that won't go away, but it would be nice to not have to if it got annoying enough.
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Sat 7 Jan 2023
at 19:30
Re: RPoL Design Update
I honestly had to go back and look to remember where it was located and how much room it takes up when viewing the site on my phone.

Being able to toggle it off would be beneficial, but I guess I'm so used to the general design of many mobile websites cramming junk everywhere around the content you're actually visiting the site for that something as simple as the Thank You message just became part of the background and ceased to exist as far as my noticing it goes.
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Tue 7 Mar 2023
at 15:30
Re: RPoL Design Update
Not sure if this a bug -- but removing a forum from the list you want to follow on r.rpol.net did not stop emails, and did not update user preferences on rpol.net
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Wed 8 Mar 2023
at 06:35
Re: RPoL Design Update
Might be related to the old/new site cookies problems ... thought that was limited to new/read messages indicators, but it's not a stretch to think it could be working out forums too.

Extracts from various messages from jase on the subject (apologies for any repetition in there as I was cherry picking messages to try to include all the pertinent points):

    As pointed out by others this will probably be due to cookies between the two sites getting confused.  Relog will help, also might seem odd but log out of rpol.net and just stay logged in to r.rpol.net.
    Make sure you log out of rpol.net and www.rpol.net completely and then re/log on to r.rpol.net.  If you don't you'll be getting cookies randomly from either rpol.net or r.rpol.net and it's pretty unpredictable.
    Log out of rpol.net, then www.rpol.net (if you ever use it but probably safe to check to be sure) and then finally relog on the responsive site.

    Doing it in any other order won't work due to how browsers handle cookie inheritance.  If logout doesn't work then manually clear the cookies from your browser as they must be stuck for some reason.
    r.rpol.net sets cookies for the domain r.rpol.net while rpol.net (and the www variant) sets cookies for plain rpol.net.

    Unfortunately when browsers retrieve settings for subdomains they'll also grab any cookies for the parent domain.  So when a webpage at r.rpol.net requests a list of the cookies it'll return a combination of r.rpol.net and rpol.net cookies.  As far as I can tell in a random order, and the order also seems to differ between PHP and Perl (though haven't done any testing on that).

    So when the page asks for a list of the threads that have been read it can either use the cookie set for r.rpol.net (which is correct) or the cookie from rpol.net.

    Furthermore we rationalise cookies as we go, but that uses the information we've grabbed from the browser to collate the relevant information and then trim the list.  So we can ask for the read indicator cookie, get the list from rpol.net (the wrong cookie), rationalise it and then set it for r.rpol.net.  Then we've got cookies set for r.rpol.net poisoned with what was retrieved from the rpol.net version of the cookie.

If logging out doesn't help, then my second guess is that old site and responsive site might independently handle game/forum lists - so try setting preferences for both ... and then logout of everything anyway to try to get it all to stick.
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Thu 21 Sep 2023
at 16:16
Re: RPoL Design Update
Could we have a toggle in the Preferences tab?

Thank you for testing out the new responsive site for RPoL.  If you wish to submit feedback or ask questions please visit RPoL Development.


I tried blocking the element, but it seems to break other things like the menus on my device.