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Wed 2 Oct 2019
at 21:23
Earthdawn 4e Dice
Since Earthdawn came out with their Fourth Edition, as far as I can find every Earthdawn game on RPoL* has converted.  So, I have two questions:

One - can we get an updated system option for the Dice Roller?  Fourth is, alas, once again slightly different from anything else.  It runs as follows:

Step Number  Action Dice     Step Number     Action Dice
       1            D4-2            21           D20+2D8
       2            D4-1            22           D20+D10+D8
       3            D4              23           D20+2D10
       4            D6              24           D20+D12+D10
       5            D8              25           D20+2D12
       6            D10             26           D20+D12+2D6
       7            D12             27           D20+D12+D8+D6
       8            2D6             28           D20+D12+2D8
       9            D8+D6           29           D20+D12+D10+D8
       10           2D8             30           2D20+2D6
       11           D10+D8          31           2D20+D8+D6
       12           2D10            32           2D20+2D8
       13           D12+D10         33           2D20+D10+D8
       14           2D12            34           2D20+2D10
       15           D12+2D6         35           2D20+D12+D10
       16           D12+D8+D6       36           2D20+2D12
       17           D12+2D8         37           2D20+D12+2D6
       18           D12+D10+D8      38           2D20+D12+D8+D6
       19           D20+2D6         39           2D20+D12+2D8
       20           D20+D8+D6       40           2D20+D12+D10+D8

If it helps any, it is identical to 3rd Edition up through Step 18, but after 19 it's all different.  Third Edition had gotten rid of d20s entirely.

Secondly, is it possible to make it so you can (but don't have to) roll two Steps at once?  So you could, for instance, put maybe, "8,4" in the "Step Number Field" (as it is for Earthdawn), and have it roll Step 8 + Step 4?  But just saying "8" would still work to just roll Step 8 alone?

There's a thing you do in Earthdawn where you can spend Karma to improve a roll, and you're supposed to roll that at the same time.  Every game I've been in here has given up on that because, well, it's not that it's so hard to, say, roll your Karma first, but it's fiddly and people forget and it's just easier to let people roll it after, but that means you can decide whether or not to use it after you know if you need it or not and that has a significant mechanical impact in the game.  It'd be cool if we could actually roll them together, if that's easy enough to do.

And as always, thank you!

*- yes, all four of them!  I'm not saying it's a huge part of RPoL, just that it's important to those of us who are in it.