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Fri 1 Nov 2019
at 16:00
Dice roller request (separate options for parts of a roll)
I intended to run an Open Legends game on here, but I realized that the dice roller currently has trouble with something I need for the system.

In the system you roll a 1d20 + your attribute dice, e.g. 1d20+3d8. That's easy enough.

But when you have advantage, you add that many more of your attribute dice and then drop that many of the lowest. E.g. if you have advantage 2, instead of 1d20+3d8, you would roll 1d20+(5d8, drop 2). The d20 itself does NOT get changed, only the attribute dice.

The issue is currently the roller can only apply options (such as keep/drop) to every part of a roll. So if I do "1d20,5d8,drop lowest 2" it wants to apply that to both rolls and it obviously tells me I can't drop 2 of 1d20. So if I want to do "1d20+(5d8, drop 2)", I have to do two separate rolls of "1d20" and "5d8, drop 2" and manually add them up later.

A great and robust way to handle this would be for the roller to be able to handle separate rolls all with their own options, so that you could do multiple "sub-rolls" in one go and have them added together.

If you want to do that, great, I'm sure it'd be useful in a lot of different instances. I'd appreciate the work and wait patiently for it. (I can think of other systems where that could come in handy too.)

BUUUUT given that that sounds like a lot of work and I hate creating work for others, I want to add that for THIS particular problem, there is a clunkier but simpler fix: The roller could just always keep at least one die no matter how many it's told to drop. (There is no situation where I would require a separate option for the d20 part of the roll.) It's not very elegant but it'd work perfectly fine for this and I don't THINK it should break anything?

(I realize that the way the roller is currently set up, I'd still have to do the adding manually; given that it refuses to drop for "1d20+5d8" and demands "1d20,5d8" instead BUT as long as they were together in the same roll I can accept doing the math manually. It's having to do two separate rolls that's a mess, because it's easy to lose track of.)
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Fri 20 Dec 2019
at 11:29
Dice roller request (separate options for parts of a roll)
There might be something here - haven't fully tested this myself yet - https://r.rpol.net/display.cgi?gi=36224&ti=888&date=1568216063