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Thu 23 Apr 2020
at 05:45
Bug in adding Lurkers to Group 0
I added a lurker to my game on the responsive site, but I couldn't add them to Group 0. I kept getting a message saying "There's no point in adding a lurker only to group 0."

Yeah. Fine. But I'm trying to add them to multiple groups, including 0.

Kept getting the error, though, so I eventually settled on adding the lurker only to the private groups...only to be told by that lurker later that they now couldn't see the Group 0 threads, which is a problem because I have a lot of useful character creation and lore stuff in Group 0.

When I tried to add them to Group 0 to fix this...I kept getting the same error. I had to remove the lurker from the game so they could actually see the group 0 threads again.