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Sun 24 May 2020
at 14:23
Strange Subject Header Behavior?
I'm not sure if this is intentional, or what, but it feels really strange to me and I just noticed it, so...

If I hit 'Reply' within a post, the subject header of my post becomes (as I would expect), 'Re: Whatever the Subject Header Was of the Post I hit Reply to for'.

If I hit 'Post a Reply' from the bottom of a page, the subject header of my post becomes 'Whatever the Subject Header of the last post on THAT PAGE was'. Not the Subject Header of the last post IN THE THREAD, but specifically the last post ON THE PAGE I was viewing when I hit 'Post a Reply' - which produces some really strange behavior in a game where the Subject Header is used to set dates/times, and suddenly the header changes to one from six months ago because a player hit their 'Post a Reply' button back on an earlier page after looking up a map... (Wildly specific example, I know, but that's what produced the weirdness this morning that made me go see WTF was happening.)

This happens on both Responsive and Live.

Would it be possible to fix it so that hitting 'Post a Reply' to a thread (the bottom of the page option) auto-filled the Subject header from the MOST RECENT post in that thread, instead, regardless of what page the poster was viewing at the time? It feels really, really weird that it doesn't. I realize that's not a perfect fix, because anyone hitting 'Post a Reply' after someone else has used the 'Reply' option within a post is still going to get a borked subject header (although most of the time whatever is being replied to is at least current, in my experience), but it feels better than having subject headers from months (or sometimes years) ago being recycled accidentally.