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Fri 5 Jun 2020
at 10:06
rMail yourself?
It would be nice if you could rmail notes to yourself - lists, notes for games, etc. that you might want to keep.

Scratchpads are nice, but they're tied to games and go away if the game does.
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Fri 5 Jun 2020
at 12:13
rMail yourself?
I second this. Would make for much easier organization.
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Fri 5 Jun 2020
at 12:15
rMail yourself?
I didn't know this wasn't possible until today. Seconded.
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Fri 5 Jun 2020
at 23:43
rMail yourself?
I'll second this. Like NowhereMan, I didn't know this wasn't possible.
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Sun 21 Jun 2020
at 00:14
rMail yourself?
I'm not at all opposed to this concept, however, I would offer some counterpoint:

The Scratchpad in any game is only 10,000 characters in size.  That might not be enough room for extensive notes.  From this the desire to rMail oneself arises.  I can see that well enough.

I tend to keep notes about a game (especially those things the players should not yet know) offline.  That said, I get that, as a GM, being able to send rMail to oneself might be convenient.  Players might also gain benefit from rmailing themselves, I don't know.

The closest one might come to this is to clear out an old rMail topic and re-use it for this purpose.  I wonder if one could mail notes to an NPC in a game?  Hang on a tick... Hmm... can't rMail to one's own NPCs, so, yeah, re-using an old rMail topic might be as close as one could currently get.

One can also create a topic in one's game for notes, put it in Group Z (I think) and don't put anyone in Group Z that shouldn't see your notes.

The only concern I might raise would be if self-rMail were to result in a large rise in bandwidth or something like that.