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Fri 5 Jun 2020
at 22:20
Request:  User Linked Scratchpad
Can we get a user linked scratchpad, basically, just like the scratchpad in the individual games, but instead tied to the general user account?

Put it on the frontpage right after "User Preferences" and "Start Your Own Game".  And maybe have it show up in the general forums on the bar right after "User Preferences".
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Fri 5 Jun 2020
at 23:10
Request:  User Linked Scratchpad
Excellent suggestion. +1.
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 Thu, 28 Nov, 2013
Fri 5 Jun 2020
at 23:42
Request:  User Linked Scratchpad
I'll second this. I have countless notes I'd rather have in a convenient location.
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Sat 6 Jun 2020
at 02:18
Request:  User Linked Scratchpad
This was suggested before, and was a good idea then, and it still is.
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Thu 18 Jun 2020
at 08:42
Request:  User Linked Scratchpad
I'd actually been considering this as a subscriber/supporter perk.  All the other perks are generally just more of what's already available, thought this might be a cool "thanks" addition.  Also a good example of where I'd consider saying no (plenty of other options), but change the answer as I've had support/commitment from the kind users.