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Sun 2 Aug 2020
at 08:50
Group sorting or "view only <group(s)>" for GMs
*two seconds silence for the mods*
*another several seconds for jase*

One of the only times I have to resist the urge to make second account is when I'm a GM, and have groups laid out for different purposes and different players. I very much resist this breech, but it's a tingle. I have different groups for different purposes.   Some are theory Crafting. GM to Co-GM, player workshops, etc... groups in my games are often used, not heavily, but generously.

It is, however, difficult to sort groups, unless I ask friend to "join" just to give me a scope.

This is a humble request. My programming skills aren't in web design. I hjave no idea how big or how small a request this is. It would just be nice if I could, as a GM, have "view only" group function. Say I only wanted to view group G, so I could both find the thread for my eyes only, prune away threads I don't need, and change groups for when I have prepared body of text in preparation and just need to eid the group.

If this is can't be done...for whatever reason...I'm not dissatisfied. I did read the required reading, and figure, if I don't ask/say something, it has 0% of happening. If I ask, that's at least >0%.

Thank you!
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Sun 2 Aug 2020
at 11:02
Group sorting or "view only <group(s)>" for GMs
Such a filter already exists. On the responsive site with a phone it is over the page counter. It is called: Showing groups: (All groups) [Filter] . I think i had tested it on the normal site too (it was over the thread name instead if my memories are correct).

Though, for the moment, it doesn't seem to work for me as a gm (it works correctly as a player) in the responsive site (every groups except group 0 are strike out and not selectable).

Edit: not working as a gm, but work as a player

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