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Sat 15 May 2021
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Responsive Site: Page Titles
I'd like to request a comprehensive review of Page Titles -- the title tag in the html header of the pages.

These titles are important because the title is what is shown in the browser tab at the top of your browser window.  If you have a bunch of browser tabs open, you typically only see the first couple of words of each title, so it is important to get the important information in there.

I've made this table of the current titles and my suggestions.  I'm not trying to say that I have the perfect answers, but I don't want just to complain about an issue without offering a solution.  So my suggestions are just that, and I'm sure that others might have better ideas for some of these.  I present this as a starting point for the discussion.  If I've missed any pages, please let me know and I'll add them.

PageCurrent TitleSuggested Title
Landing pageRolePlay onLine!  Welcome to RPoLThis one is great!
Top level Game pageRPoL: <game name>Also great, but maybe just drop the "RPoL: " because we do already have the RPoL icon.
Game thread pageView RPoL: <Game Name> - <Thread name> (group <group id>)<Thread name> (<group id>) - <Game Name>
New messageThis is no longer a new page, but is just the thread page now.
Edit messageEdit message for <Game Name>I don't have a better proposal.
Private MessagesPrivate RPoL: <Game Name>Private: <Game Name>  (Again, we have the RPoL icon, so the text is not needed.)
Post a New TopicCompose RPoL: <Game Name>Compose: <Game Name>
Character DetailsWelcome to the user module for <Game Name><Character Name> - <Game Name>  (See Below)
Edit Character Sheet (if you're a player)Welcome to the user module for <Game Name>Edit Sheet: <Character Name> - <Game Name>
Edit Character Sheet (if you're a GM)Welcome to the GM's Module for <Game Name>Edit Sheet: <Character Name> - <Game Name>
Choose PortraitWelcome to the user module for <Game Name>Portrait: <Character Name> - <Game Name>
Character Description<Game Name> Information - RPoLDescription:  <Character Name> - <Game Name> **
Edit Character DescriptionWelcome to the user module for <Game Name>Edit Desc:  <Character Name> - <Game Name> **
Game PreferencesWelcome to the user module for <Game Name>Preferences: <Game Name> (This one is just a bug.)
Scratch PadWelcome to the user module for <Game Name>Scratch Pad: <Game Name> (This one is just a bug.)
Die RollerDice Roller for <Game Name>Dice Roller: <Game Name>  (Also, let's decide if it is 'Die Roller' or 'Dice Roller'.)
Main Game Map<Game Name> Information - RPoLMain Map: <Game Name>
Game Map for Group <Group ID><Game Name> Information - RPoLMap <Group ID>: <Game Name>
The Cast<Game Name> Information - RPoLCast: <Game Name>
Game Introduction<Game Name> Information - RPoLIntro: <Game Name>
Edit Game IntroductionWelcome to the GM's Module for <Game Name>Edit Intro: <Game Name>
GM MenuWelcome to the GM's Module for <Game Name>GM Menu: <Game Name>
Pages within GM MenuWelcome to the GM's Module for <Game Name>GM Menu: <Game Name> (Specific titles not appropriate)***

* The Character Details page is the one that caused me to request this review.  As a GM, I frequently open up all the Character Details pages of the players in different browser tabs when I want to look at some aspect across all the characters.  I would love to be able to pick the correct tab when I want to see the aspect for a particular character, but even if I don't have many tabs open, all I see is "Welcome to the user mod..." repeated across the top of my window.  Also, this page is called Profile, Character Details, and Character Sheet in different places that link to it.  Perhaps we could settle on one?

** Another issue on the Character Description Page:  It has links to edit the Character Description and Character Sheet, but no link just to view the Character Sheet, which seems to be the most common thing I want to do from here.

*** I agree that the assorted pages within the GM Menu do not need specific titles, because it would be rare to leave these pages open in a tab and plan to come back to them.  Because they contain rather dangerous functionality, a GM really should treat these pages with more care, and I think that they typically will.

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Mon 26 Jul 2021
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Responsive Site: Page Titles
Hmm.  No response.

I wonder if this sort of feature request is unwelcome, or I am too verbose, or this particular one is just not perceived as important, or this was ignored for other reasons.  Should I just stop making suggestions?

These represent really tiny and safe code changes -- this whole thing could be completed in a few hours, I imagine, and almost certainly not introduce any bugs.  A couple of these are actual bugs that would be fixed, because they are currently showing wrong information.

I do have to admit that these changes are no longer that important to me, because I am no longer GM'ing any games.  But I likely will in the future, so I still have some vested interest.
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Mon 26 Jul 2021
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Responsive Site: Page Titles
My opinion means nothing, but I agree with your recommendations.
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Tue 27 Jul 2021
at 01:12
Responsive Site: Page Titles
I think your suggestions are all fine and dandy, I just don't really have much of an opinion on them, I suppose. I always have -so many- tabs open on my browser that I have to mouse over each one to remember which is which anyway, so condensing it down to put the important info in the first few words wouldn't make much difference to me in most instances.

Good ideas, though! =)
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Tue 27 Jul 2021
at 03:22
Responsive Site: Page Titles
In reply to SunRuanEr (msg # 4):

Even if you have so many tabs open that the visible text is too small, so you hover over them, the biggest case I'm hoping to solve is not solved in that case, because the title of the character sheet doesn't have the character name in it at all.