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Tue 25 May 2021
at 19:24
Weird 'Search Games' behavior
I was using the Search/Browse Games page to look for all games by a particular GM.  However, I accidentally put the name I was searching for in the Game Name field rather than the GM Name field, so of course I got no results.  The error message (below) was fine, if a little surprising considering what it does for other empty result lists.  The odd thing was that the page included a login box -- the place to enter username and password.  It hadn't logged me out.  I tried clicking on the RPoL icon on the top in order to back to the landing page, and it shows me still logged in.

This is only on the responsive site.  I checked it on the old site and it doesn't happen.

I also tried other searches that do not produce any results, such as searching on a GM Name who has no games.  That performs as expected.

The error message:
I can't find your game!
My apologies, but game "<Game Name I entered>" no longer exists.