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Wed 30 Jun 2021
at 19:11
Non latin characters.
Hello. It seems non-latin characters are stored in ascii code instead of the actual letters. This makes it almost impossible to Edit the text unless copied and pasted. Is there a solution planned for this?
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Wed 30 Jun 2021
at 21:40
Non latin characters.
To follow up on Vaegwyrm's post, this also means that non-Latin characters cannot be used as Character names... any chance this could also be included in any "fix"?
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Thu 1 Jul 2021
at 07:10
Non latin characters.
Oh that it were that simple !  <grrins>

Yes, it's come up before ...

BBR summed the problem up nicely in link to a message in another game:

Unfortunately special characters are not guaranteed to appear correctly on machines running other languages, which (apart from looking ugly) can also cause problems for the database.

And jase had a look at the issue per link to a message in this forum but found more problems that solutions, eg:

how do you address a PL to "Ądam"?  Is it "private to Ądam" or "private to &Agrave;dam"?

ISO codes are common and consistent (though don't work in character names, per issue above) - you can find a list at link to a message in another game.