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08:57, 23rd July 2024 (GMT+0)

Screen-reader user's thanks and recommendations.

Posted by agious
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Tue 22 Mar 2022
at 03:53
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Screen-reader user's thanks and recommendations

Okay, its time to be honest.  I accidently sent this to the moderators as an R-Mail, before hearing this thread.  I somehow missed it when checking out threads to post this in, and thus, the R-Mail. My apologies Mods, and I thank you for not saying anything about it so far.

  • Note, there are two other blind individuals besides me on this website, so far that I’m aware of.
  • There are four other non-correctible low vision individuals  on RPOL regularly, which I am also aware of.

There are, I’m pretty sure, more than this, but I know with absolute certainty of this number.  The following  is my general opinion  regarding RPOL, and a couple of things that serve as difficulties for me, which I’m pretty sure aren’t for fully sighted individuals.   They have also served as difficulties for some of those other people tangentially  mentioned previously.  Not all, but some of them.  Let me state,  upfront, that by and large my interactions on RPOL, and with RPOL, have been positive. Furthermore, for the general knowledge and awareness of the moderators, and the administrator, or administrators, regarding RPOL from a blind user’s perspective. I don’t claim to be the end all, be all, for blind/ low vision users of RPOL, I’m not that egotistical - - tongue and cheek joke intended, but still this information might be useful.    I hope it is at any rate, but at worst it won’t be useless, entirely.

By and large RPOL is easy enough to use, if one is using a screen-reader: joining games, posting in-game,  interacting with other players, is all easy enough.  While I would love it if the character portrait tags carried more information, I understand this is one of wishes were horses kind of requests.

From a player’s perspective, the only major issue is the Help menu.  When you go to help from the FAQ, sometimes links must be clicked on multiple times before they respond, and the search function doesn’t seem to work.
From a Game Moderator stand point, the single greatest issue comes in the attempt to run different groups.  The check-boxes for each group, a-z, and 1-9, are listed after their related groups. So you hear all the numbers, and all the letters, before you hear the checkboxes. This kind of makes things difficult. So far, these are the only two major issues I’ve encountered on this website.

The first is a bit more significant, than the second, because some people don’t run games. Still, it would be nice if the check-boxes in that section followed the same code as all the others, which means the box is above the words informing you what the box does.  I really love this place, and want to eventually start running games here, and at present will, eventually search for helper GMs to help me get around this issue,  since after a week and a half I can find no work around, still I felt it and the other issue should be brought to everyone’s’ attention. I wish you the best,


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Sat 26 Mar 2022
at 16:32
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Screen-reader user's thanks and recommendations

And this is an update.

When testing out the newer version of RPOL, I found the addition of groups and determining what group to add them to, to be much easier. Unfortunately,  I do not find the help section to be any easier to work with. My request therefore, is to have a single document, posted somewhere on RPOL providing all the information  of the help section on it. This way sighted individuals can interact with the help system as they have always done, but screen-reader users can gain the information via another method without difficulties.   This section could be labeled something like “RPOL Screen-reader Users,” or something like that, and be placed along side the forums like this one.

Just a suggestion, I’ll update as I discover items of note.
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Sat 29 Oct 2022
at 15:31
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Screen-reader user's thanks and recommendations

I do not use a screen reader but am visually impaired.  I find this new menu MUCH easier to read and appreciate it.
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Thu 6 Apr 2023
at 05:33
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Screen-reader user's thanks and recommendations

Finally figured out a possible workaround for visually-impaired users to make navigating the Help/FAQs expandable sections a bit easier. :>

1) You'll need to use the Firefox browser (seems to be the only one with the necessary functionality built-in, though I daresay there are Extensions out there that might work with your browser of choice if you're not a Firefox user).

2) Open the FAQs link by right clicking on the link at top right of screen on the old site / top just-left-of-middle on Responsive, selecting Copy Link from the pop-up menu, and paste that into the address bar in a new tab (we're doing this cos we're going to need the built-in Firefox menu which you don't get if you just click on the link).

OR just click on the following link (and maybe bookmark it for future reference): /help/?t=faqs

3) From the Firefox menu, select View | Page Style | No Style ...

... which should now allow you to navigate the menus on the left hand side to show all the expanded Help/FAQ text on each page without needing to click on each heading in turn to see them.  <fingers crossed>  ;>

NB: If you get stuck with Page Style off (ie if you navigate away from RPoL on the tab where you just turned it off), then you can turn it back on again by selecting View | Page Style | Basic Page Style.
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