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Thu 21 Jul 2022
at 19:51
Setting Descriptions
One thing that I thing would be very helpful for players is if on every thread, there is a place where there is a description of the setting that DMs can put. Since 90% of the game is writing, setting plays a very important role in how you right. Whenever I join a new group or game, it is a bit hard to start off because I dont know what the setting looks like and that is very important to how the scene play out and how players write their entries.
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Thu 21 Jul 2022
at 20:10
Setting Descriptions
Well it is nice to know that some players actually read the description of rooms and outdoor areas their characters are currently in.

I, at least, always post such when a new area is entered. It would seem to m that the issue here might be you want something more convenient than scroll back to such to refresh your memory.

If this is truly a problem for you (and it may well be, if you spend several pages of play in one area), it's not necessary for a programming/design fix. You could just ask the GM to start up a new thread of just room/area descriptions. Easy to reference, much less scrolling back if you return to old areas that haven't changed, etc.

Actually, that isn't a bad idea. I might consider that for the game I'm in now. It might get one or two players to actually read the room description and not insist on using doors that don't exist.
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Fri 22 Jul 2022
at 01:50
Setting Descriptions
Are we talking like a post that's pinned to the top?  Because that could work.  Even better would be a popped-out space at the top of a thread that could house lines of text and remain persistent even after you changed to another location 15 pages in.
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Fri 22 Jul 2022
at 23:33
Setting Descriptions
For now, you can copy relevant description to your scratch pad and open it in a new tab whenever you want to reference the info.