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Tue 18 Feb 2020
at 20:20
Exploring a New Land, full of adventure!
I am looking for 4-6 players for this game.

You messed up. Or maybe you didn't. Maybe you are framed. Maybe you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But that doesn't matter now, because you have been exiled for your crime, real or simply perceived, and are on a ship bound for the new world.

The voyage has been a long and rough one, over 5 months at sea. The crew has orders to dump you on the shore, and return, and no one knows when the next ship will be, though the brand on your upper arm ensures you will never be allowed on a ship bound for your former home. Nothing for it but to make the best of your life in this new land.

When land is in range, your group of criminal exiles are lowered into the water in a small rowboat, and set off, with the ship heading elsewhere to resupply, to help ensure you don't get any funny ideas. And that is where you find yourself, standing on a beach, lush semitropical forest in front of you, and only the few supplies you were allowed to bring with you on your backs. Let's see how you survive!
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Thu 5 Mar 2020
at 17:43
Exploring a New Land, full of adventure!
Unfortunately, we already have an orphan. Please look at the ADOPTIONS thread, and if you are interested in the character, feel free to send an RTJ. I am ok with minor changes to the sheet, but I would like the character to be the same, personality wise.
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