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Wed 19 Feb 2020
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Three Queens of the Morrigan
"Long ago, in this very spot, before the QuantIQ Corporation built the tower city of Hy-Brasil, there was an island here with the same name where the Sidhe lived. Now, the Sidhe weren't like you or your parents, no. They didn't work in a factory from birth 'til death, or live in those square cement boxes we'te now callin' homes. They were magical people who lived with the earth and played in the sun. They were free, and full of passion, but they also had great wars with their enemies, the terrible Fomor, that would shake the lands with their raging."

"My father says conflict is bad for corporate synergy!" A young boy called from the loose circle of children around the old woman. She seemed to be collapsing into her seat in the pub under the weight of her years, but her sly smile still had its youthful vibrance.

"I would expect so. Your father couldn't fight his way out of an empty elevator," The old woman cackled and leaned forward ominously into the dim light. "No, they didn't fight for a business or money. They fought for their homes and for honor, and while mostly it was in truth the men doing the fighting, one woman they feared more than any man or monster--The Morrigan!

"The Morrigan had three faces: Badb, Macha, and Nemain. Badb was the war crow, the terror of the night before battle, taking any shape and pronouncing the doom of the warriors who would die.  Macha the loathed and exhultated brought with her the fear and the rage and the chaos of bloodshed. Nemain was welcome surely, because she brought prosperity and reward for their sacrifice, but all knew that they would have to pay again and again for her blessing.

Now, you might be thinking that living in this giant tower with all this fancy technology, that these are just stories for outsiders in the wilds, but I've seen the glowing and glowering gaze of the Fomor in the eyes of the gangs of the lower levels, and their cold breath in the words of the management. They've come to this city, and that means the Morrigan isn't far behind. If you aren't good boys and girls, she might come for you, too."


The world is in ruins, but some still survive. The remains of humanity have been confined to massive towers run by corporations, who only ask for total loyalty and obedience in return for one's life. One of those towers, standing in the middle of what used to be the Pacific Ocean, is known as Hy-Brasil. Though society has continued under these trying conditions, and most live in quiet, if brutally enforced harmony, there are hints of terrors that not even those in command of the tower want to face: criminal organizations, deranged anarchists, and very real monsters lurk in the shadows of the bustling factories that keep the city running. Other powers have awoken as well, ancient and deep, and though none know whose side they will take, if any at all, they will shape the future of the tower of Hy-Brasil, and the lives of all within.

This is a game for three characters taking on the roles of the Morrigan in a grim, dystopian version of a magical girl team.
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