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This is your Gateway to Aventuria! [The Dark Eye]
Your country, that surrounds the city-port of Havena, is a land of trades and many say that extra-ordinary events are common, here. However, your life flows every day proposing always the same situation, repetitive and boring. You work with your close relatives from dawn to sunset in a farm, in a stable, or in a small artisan workshop. It is a hard life, but you still prefer it to the lazy, empty days of nothing of some of your friends. Not for you either.
Always the same faces, always the same empty words, always the same stupid jokes...
However, you were actually trained for the adventure... and you know you are not bad!
Your young heart wants to experience much more! You want to know life, people, far away lands, you want to try the taste of adventure!
All around the boring city-port of Havena there is the fabulous continent of Aventuria, with all its mysteries and its treasures!
You open the door of your home and look at the gates at the end of your small orchard: that gates may take you to the local marketplace where you can exchange some egg and butter, but can also become for you the Gateway to Aventuria!
It only depends on your will to grab your opportunity, when it will present itself, as the Twelvegods ( will.

What will you do?

* * *

This mini-campaign is an introduction to the Dark Eye super-classic setting in the continent of Aventuria, using the ruleset of the Dark Eye Quick-start Rules ( At the end of the Quick-start rules there are various pre-generated heroes that you can pick on a first come, first serve basis. In alternative, if you really don't like the pre-generated heroes in the Quick-start Rules, you can find another list of pre-generated heroes here: you can pick an experienced character, but as a standard you will have 2 fate points, as the adventures of this campaign are relatively short.
If you feel you would like something more and you have time to read before conceding to the urge of starting the game, you can also refer to the official game reference ( where you can find hero creation rules to expand your choices (see - generate heroes at experienced level, but with 2 fate points, as the pre-generated heroes in the Quick-start Rules).
In the Quick-start Guide you will anyway find everything you need to play in few, clear and simple pages! I warmly suggest you avoid magic users and heroes generation if this is the very first time that you play the Dark Eye and you are in a hurry to start playing, as this can can take some time, especially if you don't have the full rulebook, that provides more detail and examples.

* * *

There are four super-classic adventures to be played, each of them reasonably short and snappy:

The Black Boar Inn that can be played by 3 to 5 would-be heroes willing to accompany Meister Karolus, a fabric trader, to Angbar, where there is a yearly trade fair of great importance. He needs some good-willed bodyguard... just like you!
This may be the first adventure of your new life!
Corian, Vordan Feuerschopf and Arbosh son of Angrax just started playing in group 1

The Forest of No-Return for 3 to 5 heroes follows up after previous adventure. It is for heroes that want to grow, put themselves at the service of King Kasimir of Nostria and will accept a dangerous diplomatic mission to the Castle of Andergast, surrounded by a dangerous forest. They have to ask back the Royal Parchment from Wenceslaw of Andergast, brother of King Kasimir, that borrowed it some time ago and still hasn't returned it.
Too early to think about this!

Seven Magic Chalices will then be available to play, still for 3 to 5 heroes. This time your objective will be to prevent the Sword of Seven Virtues to fall in the hands of Evil, in the terrifying pyramid of H'rabaal, in the Shadowlands, where the Seven Magic Chalices are almost ready to be molded in the Magic Fire and become again the Sword of Seven Virtues.
This is the ideal completion of the trilogy!
Too early to think about this!

The Daughter of the Caliph is a side adventure for a solo hero specialized in hand to had combat (it is not suitable for magicians or elves....) and can be played as an interlude between above mentioned adventures or as a one-off. Your mission is to bring back the sublime Selima to her loving father, the Caliph of a land in the far south of Aventuria... or die in the attempt. By the way, you know that the odds are against you.
For this adventure only, you can count on one extra fate point, taking the total to 3.
Tarek ibn Jassafer is currently playing this adventure in group 4, but this is a solo game, so there can be more than one player in it, separately.

* * *

If you want to enter this Gateway to Aventuria, apart from picking an available character, you will have to explicitly take two commitments when you send your request to join:

1) At least one post a day. If you have occasional issues with this, I expect you give me a notice. I can understand that in life unexpected issues can sometimes happen, but if you can't keep up with this pace I will not wait for your posts and in the short term I will manage your character to avoid breaking the flow of the adventure. If over ten days pass without notice, I will remove you from the game.

2) I need your commitment to participate until the end of the adventure you join. It is a single adventure and won't take years to finish, but rather weeks or months at most.
If anyway you want to drop out, don't disappear but let me know. I will appreciate it.
Between adventures, you are free to drop out or change character or take the side adventure, as you like.

List of the characters from the Quick-start Rules still available (of course, feel free to change their names as you prefer, once you are assigned one of them):
  • Geron Bladebreaker, Human Mercenary
  • Layariel Treetopglint, Elf Ranger
  • Arbosh son of Angrax, Dwarf Warrior
  • Mirhiban al’Orhima, Human Mage (suggested if you have already some experience with the Dark Eye or if you have the full rulebook)
  • Carolan Calavanti, Half Elf Rogue
  • Tjalva Garheldtsdottir, Human Warrior

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