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Tue 23 Mar 2021
at 02:25
[Adult] Way of the Wicked
This is an Adult rated game based upon the Way of the Wicked series. For those unfamiliar, WotW is a "You play the bad guys!" style campaign. Your mission is to destroy the wonderful and noble nation of Talingarde for being everything you cannot stand.

This is rated adult because EVIL covers a variety of unpleasant topics. Everything will follow the rules of Adult Games on RPOL, but this is to allow most situations to flow normally without restraint.

Just to cover the bases so you know what you are joining:

This is a d20 game using the D&D 3.5e base rules and Pathfinder Skills.
You may use CLASS or CLASSLESS based player-characters (Eclipse by Distant Horizon's Games)

Class-based characters start at Level 6
Classless characters start at level 4

Classes: No restrictions - Blackguard, Assassins, Psionics, and whatever else you can imagine.
Races: ECL+3 Races are allowed. (Must appear humanoid or possess the ability to become one)
Feat progression: Level 1, 2, 4, 6, and every even level beyond.
Ability Score boost: Every even level
D&D 3.5 32 Point Buy for ability scores
Max HP per level/HD

It will be expected that you are an experienced player, familiar with d20 rules, and can post at least once every three days.

Further details are included in the game.

GM is available on DISCORD for Q&A (LegacyKing#4957). You may send Rmail regarding this game advertisement.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Sun 17 Oct 2021
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[Adult] Way of the Wicked
As normally happens, we've lost players to the fickle fates of real-life and other commitments.

Looking to replenish our ranks of bad guys bent on the destruction of a goodie-two-shoes kingdom and allow evil to flourish unfettered. Our villains and knaves seek to lead the bugbears to topple a tower of the watch wall and bring glorious chaos to the realm.

The above still applies - Level 6 if you choose class-based, level 4 and GM assistance building a pure classless character.

We have solid role-players looking for other role-players to join in good dialogue, and vile villainy!

Posting commitment is a mere two posts a week. If you wanted to be powerful, evil and not be guilt-tripped about it, then apply!
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Mon 15 Nov 2021
at 02:54
[Adult] Way of the Wicked
Way of the Wicked: I have a character adoption. Will anyone take up this abandoned PC?

Portrait: (You'll have to open the link since no images display here) --

CHARACTER NAME:Ravanda (alias Celine)
Hair:Long and dark red, usually looks a little messy
Eyes:Green, heavy eyeliner and eyeshadow
Skin:Light complexion
Weight:122 lbs
Relations:To her knowledge, her family still lives
Concept:Holy thief
Crime:Heresy and Blasphemy


What do people see when they glance at you?

Physical Elements: What will people see when they glance at you? General height, build, coloration, age, gender facial ďcast,Ē and other distinguishing features go here as well as any personal symbols, and how the character dresses and acts.

Celine appears as an average height and built woman (5'7" and 140 lbs). She wears form-fitting clothing and is lightly armed with daggers and shortswords.

<i>What will people find out if they ask around about you?

<This doesn't need to be accurate or true... Gossip and rumors abound! But litter some nuggets of truth along with current gossip. Have fun with it!>

Social Elements: What will people find out if they ask around about you? Items such as how other people tend to see the character, family, friends and relatives, lovers, children, siblings, parents, spouses, and other major involvements all go here. This may include memberships in organizations, legal status, legitimacy, clan membership, your reputation, and any traits youíre known for - such as those with scores of 15+.

She's been the black sheep of the family. While she loves her sister, she finds her holier than thou piety too much to handle. There is a wedge in the family and she is not speaking to any of her family. She was part of a prestigious guild handling transactions. Too bad she was skimming from the till and murdered the worker who discovered her. Rumor has it she follows Mask.

STR08-1= + + + 
DEX18+4= ++2 @L2 & L4+ + 
CON10+0= + + + 
INT14+2= + + + 
WIS16+3= + + + 
CHA12+1= + + + 
NOTE: Self-Development for Levels 2, and 4 applied to Dex

HP68L1-4 D8 (32) + DEX +4 (16) + Immortal Vigor I (20)
AC22 (T:14, F:18)Base 10 + DEX +4 + Armor +4 + Shield +4 + Martial Arts (+0)
Initiative+4Dex +4
Movement60' GroundBase 30' + 30' Transmutation

Fortitude+6+3+0+2 Resistance, +1 Morale
Reflex+11+4+4+2 Resistance, +1 Morale
Will+6+0+3+2 Resistance, +1 Morale
Fortune (Evasion) - Take no damage if successfully save vs. reflex.
NOTE: Luck 5/day - may take 20 before roll, or re-roll but must keep the result

To Hit:+11DEX+4, BAB+4 (Warcraft), +1 Morale, +1 Martial Art, +1 Enhancement
Damage:1d6+6DEX+4, +1 Morale, +1 Enhancement
NOTE:Sneak Attack +3d6, quick draw, "Madblade" Damage size increase and +1 Hit/Damage
Blood Blade KNOWN TECHNIQUES: (7)Attack +1; Sneak Attack 1 (1d6), Quick Draw; Ki Focus, Vanishing

Skill Points
Fast Learner +42816 @1st level, +12
Intelligence +64224 @1st level, +18 by level 4

t-trained only   *- No Armor penalty
CSkill NameStatTotal Rank+Stat+Misc-Armor Penalty
CAppraiseInt = +Int+2++1 Morale+ -*
CAAcrobaticsDex21=3 (7)+Dex+4++1 Morale, +3 Competence, +10 Enchantment+ - 
CBluffCha = +Cha+1++1 Morale+ -*
CClimbStr15=5+Str-1++1 Morale, +10 Enchantment+ - 
CConcentrationCon = +Con+0++1 Morale+ -*
CCraft (alchemy)Int = +Int+2++1 Morale+ -*
CDecipher ScriptInt = +Int+2++1 Morale+ -*
CDiplomacyCha = +Cha+1++1 Morale+ -*
CDisable DeviceDex15=7+Dex+4++1 Morale, +3 Competence+ -*
CDisguiseCha9=5+Cha+1++1 Morale, +2 Synergy+ -*
CEscape ArtistDex9=5+Dex+4++1 Morale, +3 Competence+ - 
CForgeryInt = +Int+2++1 Morale+ -*
CGather InformationCha = +Cha+1++1 Morale+ -*
CHealWis = +Wis+3++1 Morale+ -*
CAStealthDex17=3 (7)+Dex+4++1 Morale, +3 Competence, +2 Synergy+ - 
 Handle AnimalCha = +Cha+1++1 Morale+ -*
CIntimidateCha = +Cha+1++1 Morale+ -*
CJumpStr10= +Str-1++1 Morale, +10 Enchantment+ - 
CAKnowledge (arcana)Int10=3 (7)+Int+2++1 Morale+ -*
CKnowledge (history)IntN/T= +Int+2++1 Morale+ -*
CAKnowledge (local)Int10=3 (7)+Int+2++1 Morale+ -*
CAKnowledge (religion)Int12=3 (7)+Int+2++1 Morale, +2 Synergy+ -*
 Lucid DreamingWis = +Wis+3++1 Morale+ -*
CAPerceptionWis13=3 (7)+Wis+3++1 Morale+ -*
 Perform (sing)Cha = +Cha+1++1 Morale+ -*
CPerform (Dance)Cha3=1+Cha+1++1 Morale+ -*
CProfession (herbalist)Wis = +Wis+3++1 Morale+ -*
 RideDex8= +Dex+4++1 Morale, +3 Competence+ -*
 ScryInt = +Int+2++1 Morale+ -*
CSense MotiveWis9=5+Wis+3++1 Morale+ -*
CASleight of HandDex17=3 (7)+Dex+4++1 Morale, +3 Competence, +2 Synergy+ - 
CSpellcraftInt10=7+Int+2++1 Morale+ -*
 SurvivalWis = +Wis+3++1 Morale+ -*
CSwimStr = +Str-1++1 Morale+ - 
CAMartial Art (Blood Blade)Dex14=3 (7)+Dex+4++3 Competence+ - 
CUse Magic DeviceCha = +Cha+1++1 Morale+ -*
 Use Psionic DeviceCha = +Cha+1++1 Morale+ -*
CUse RopeDex17=7+Dex+4++1 Morale, +3 Competence, +2 Synergy+ -*
NOTES: +1 Morale

Martial Art Style:
Blood Blade Technique (Dex)
This outlawed assassinís art allows an assailant to strike in an instant, inflict potentially lethal injuries, and vanish as swiftly as he or she appeared.
Requires:Weapon Finesse (Dagger) or equivalent point buy
Basic Techniques:Attack 3, Synergy 2 (Disguise, Stealth)
Advanced Techniques:Sneak Attack 3 (+3d6), and Master Technique: Quick Draw
Occult Techniques:Serpent Strike (Con), Light Foot, Vanishing, and Ki Focus
KNOWN TECHNIQUES: (7)Synergy (Disguise), Synergy (Stealth), Attack +1; Sneak Attack 1 (1d6), Quick Draw; Ki Focus, Vanishing

Race: Human
6Bonus Feat
3Fast Learner, specialized for half cost - Skills

GM Permission for double adept as a cleric of Mask.

Character Points
Base120Level 4
Feats24Racial, L1, L2 & L4
Disadvantages10History (To be provided by player), Obligations, Hunted

Character Spent
16L1-4 HD d8 (32 HP base)
06Fast Learner, specialized for double effect, skills (Gains +2 Skills per level, taken with disadvantage points gaining 8 SP by 1st level)
03Upgrade Human Fast Learner to double effect (Again with Disadvantage points, granting 8 SP by 1st level)
06Adept (Rogue Skills - Stealth, Sleight of Hand, Tumble, Balance)
06Adept (Religious Knowledge - Knowledge: Religion, Knowledge: Arcana, Knowledge: Local, Perception)
04Small Group of Proficiencies (Rogue Weapons - xxx)
12Warcraft +2 (BAB, specialized only for Rogue weapons) for +4 BAB
21Saves (F+3,R+4,W+0)
06Witchcraft (7 of 12) + Pacts (Possession, Corruption, Rituals) which pays for Witchcraft III (12 CP) and Familiar (6)
30Cleric Package, specialized for double effect, must keep a prayer book and learn spells like a wizard. Cleric Effective Level 6, access to 3rd level spells. Automatically know all Domain Spells for free.
06Traded Domain power of the Free Blind-Fight feat for Advanced Power Secret Order
06Augmented Damage +2d6 (Sneak Attack)
12Innate Enchantment* See Below
02Immunity to XP Cost for Innate Enchantment
06Improved Augmented Bonus: Specialized & Corrupted for reduced cost - Add Dex to Int for Skill Points the first six levels
06Improved Augmented Bonus: Specialized & Corrupted for reduced cost - Add Dex to Con for HP the first six levels
06Finesse: Use Dex for Str based Attack and Damage (Specialized only for Primary Weapon)
06Luck + 4 Bonus Uses, specialized for reduced cost, only for saves
06Fortune (Evasion)
06Create Item (Single Use Items, such as potions or runes)
166 SPENT OF 166

Innate Enchantments 11,000
2000Disguise Self (As spell)
1400Skill Mastery (+3 Competence to all Dex Skills)
1400Sure Step - The user gains a +10 enhancement bonus on Balance, Climb, Jump, and Tumble and retains his or her Dexterity bonus to AC when balancing or climbing.
1400Light Foot - The user becomes extremely light on his or her feet, gaining a +30 circumstance bonus on his or her ground movement speed, a +10 circumstance bonus on jump checks, and DR 10 versus Falling Damage [only], for 1d6+2 rounds. The user is, however, considered one size category smaller in a Bull Rush, Grapple, Trip, or Overrun situation.
1400Immortal Vigor I - Gain 2d6 + (Con Bonus x2) worth of HP. [12 + (CONx2)]
1400Impervious (Resist II) - +2 Resistance Bonus to Saves
1400Inspiring Word - +1 Morale Bonus on saves, attacks, checks, and damage
1400Force Armor I (+4 Armor AC)
1400Force Shield I (+4 Shield AC, Immune to Magic Missile)
700Intimidator (Summon Knives) You may produce up to three knives per round as a free action, although they only last for one minute once you let go of them.
2000Madblade all daggers becomes +1 and is considered one size category larger, to include any summoned knives.
100 left to spend

Witchcraft (Power:19, 13 Base + 6 Familiar, DC:14)
NOTE: a Witch who drains his or her Power pool below 5 points becomes Fatigued. At 0 points the Witch becomes Exhausted.
1) The Adamant WillThis talent allows users to spend 2 Power to resist Fear, Possession, Charm, Hold effects, and other forms of mind control. The user may spend the Power each time he or she is affected by such an ability. Ongoing powers, such as Fear auras, are resisted for 10 rounds. The user may make an extra save against mindreading or ďtruthĒ effects by spending a like amount, and may present a false aura to detection spells or ignore pain for 3 power. He or she may pay the Power without spending an action when the effect takes hold.
2) HylokaThe manipulation of biophysical processes is a rare gift. This can be used to briefly move physical attribute points around (up to 6 points for 1 Power per hour), slip into hibernation (1 power; lasts up to a week), help resist heat or cold (1 Power per hour, this grants 5 points of fire or cold resistance), stop bleeding, delay poison (one hour per power), grow hair or make it fall out (1 power), and to inflict or ease ailments like arthritis (spend 1 power/week to inflict, 1 power/day to ease).
3) GlamourThis projective telepathy works much like the Path of the Dragon ability of the same name. It grants a +6 bonus on relevant social skills (1 Power per 10 minutes), the sending of brief messages, emotional influence and hypnotic effects (approximate relevant L0 or L1 spells for 1 or 2 Power respectively). Glamour is at its best combined with Disguise skill and Shadoweave to alter how people see the user. Itís often used with the Inner Eye, below, to allow rapid communications, teaching, and mental probes. For +6 CP the user may expand his or her repertoire to level 2 (2 power) and 3 (4 power) hypnotic and emotion influencing effects (compare to the Sorcerer/Wizard list).
4) The Hand of Shadowscovers basic telekinesis. Minor tricks (like bending spoons) cost no power. Exerting a force equal to what you could physically handle costs 1 Power per minute. Light but rapid work (like sorting wheat from chaff) costs 1 Power per hourís worth of work done. Minor animations (Entangle, Animate Rope) approximate the relevant spells at a cost of 2 power, +2 if excessive force or fine control is required.
5) ShadowweaveShadowweave manipulates light and darkness to craft minor illusions. Normally 1 Power grants 10 minutes of activity. Effects include will-o-the wisps, cloaking (+6 to stealth and disguise rolls), various apparitions, spheres of darkness, blinding rays of light and hiding small actions - such as slipping out a dagger, picking a pocket, or a strike in combat (offers a +3 circumstance bonus to the userís roll). For +6 CP the user may expand his or her repertoire to level 2 (2 power) and 3 (4 power) illusion-casting effects (compare to the Sorcerer/Wizard list).
6) WitchsightSharpening or expanding the userís senses is a simple trick. In general, this affects one sense at a time, providing either a +6 bonus on relevant checks or some special capability (Darksight, Scent, etc). As a rule this costs 1 Power and lasts for about an hour. Witches may triple the effect by reducing the duration to a single round, allowing effects such as checking a meal for poison with the slightest taste.
7) HealingThis accomplishes a full dayís worth of healing in a mere hour at a cost of 1 Power and grants a +5 bonus on any relevant checks (against disease or toxins). This is also used to throw off the effects of drugs and intoxicants with a flat duration. In emergencies, Witches may simply heal 1d4 hit points per Power spent up to a maximum of 3d4 hit points per round.

Spell Domains:
1. Obscuring Mist: Fog surrounds you.
2. Blindness/Deafness: Makes subject blinded or deafened.
3. Blacklight: Create an aura of total darkness.
4. Armor of Darkness: Shroud grants deflection bonus, darkvision, and other effects.
5. Darkbolt: Multiple bolts deal 2d8 damage and daze creatures.
6. Prying Eyes: 1d4 +1/level floating eyes scout for you.
7. Nightmare: Sends vision dealing 1d10 damage, fatigue.
8. Power Word Blind: Blinds creature with 200 hp or less.
9. Power Word Kill: Kills one creature with 100 hp or less.

1. Entropic Shield: Ranged attacks against you have 20% miss chance.
2. Aid: +1 on attack rolls, +1 on saves against fear, 1d8 temporary hp +1/level (max +10).
3. Protection from Energy: Absorb 12 points/level of damage from one kind of energy.
4. Freedom of Movement: Subject moves normally despite impediments.
5. Break Enchantment: Frees subject from enchantments, alterations, curses, and petrification.
6. Mislead: Turns you invisible and creates illusory double.
7. Spell Turning: Reflect 1d4+6 spell levels back at caster.
8. Moment of Prescience: You gain insight bonus on single attack roll, check or save.
9. Miracle: Requests a deity's intercession.

 5/8/13 3/5/14 3/4/15 2/3/16

  Create Water, Detect Magic, Purify Food and Drink, Resistance, Guidance, Mending,
  Cure minor wounds, Inflict minor wounds

  Obscuring Mist*, Divine Favor, Entropic Shield, Resurgence, Infernal Healing, Ebon eyes

  Aid*, Cloud of Knives, Stay the Hand, Admonishing Ray, Divine Protection

  Protection from Energy*, Dispel Magic, Invisibility Purge, Mass Lesser Vigor
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