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Fri 14 Jan 2022
at 13:01
High Level (15+) Pathfinder (1e)  + Spheres of Power

As noted in the title, I'm about to start a game of 1e Pathfinder that will use the Sphere of Power third party material as it's primary rules for magic. I opened this game as a result for a request in the GM Wanted thread, so I already have two players; I'm looking for five more to make a team of seven PCs, as I feel that's the right amount to make the story I have in mind work.

While the game will be using Spheres of Power as its primary magical ruleset, and thus won't be friendly to Vancian magic (I go into greater details about the specifics of that in the game's House Rules thread), I am otherwise open to pretty much any Pathfinder option, including third party ones and even porting in things from other editions, although I will reserve the right to modify anything I think would need change to properly fit into the game. As a result, I'll at least entertain the possibility of allowing even the weirdest of character concepts; so, if you ever wanted to play something really bizarre or try off some unique race/class combo, this might be your best chance to do so.

As for the game's concept, here's a short blurb:

You are an hero, the likes of which will be written about in legends; even if you have your regrets, you thought you'd achieved as much as you would be able to in your life, and more than most people would ever be able to dream of.

This turned out to be wrong when a goddess contacted you in your dreams, revealing that a contest among gods, to be fought by their chosen mortal champions, was about to start, and pleaded for you to be part of the team she would be fielding, with a promise to make your greatest dream come true if you were to succeed, and a warning of the catastrophes that'd befall the world should an evil god claim victory instead.

You accepted the offer, aware this might be your greatest adventure yet...

So, the PCs will be a team taking part in a divinely sponsored competition with potentially apocalyptic consequences in case of failure; this should keep the game focused and with a clear end point, while also allowing for the type of epic tale that high level Pathfinder enables.

If that's something you think might be to your taste, then feel free to come check it out! I'll be taking RTJ for the next two weeks, so the closing date is midnight of the 28th January 2022; at the time of my posting of this ad it's 14:00 of the 14th Janurary, so you can use the time stamp to know precisely how much you have. This won't be first come first serve - I'll read the RTJ as they come and then spend the 29th of January deciding who to admit, so take the time to make your RTJ a good one if you need it, and don't be afraid to ask questions if you need to.

Looking forward to meet those who'll feel like joining, and thanks for paying enough attention to read through this all, I really appreciate it! ^_^

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Fri 21 Jan 2022
at 13:24
High Level (15+) Pathfinder (1e)  + Spheres of Power

Bump, to remind people there's still a week left to send RTJ.
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