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 member, 124 posts
Fri 11 Nov 2022
at 20:26
Generation X (X-Men High School)
I am looking for players for a game that will be based on the 1990s X-Men teen team of Generation X. It's the group with Jubilee, Chamber, Husk and M.

This game will work a bit different from most other games. In most games you sign up to play one particular character and have sole ownership over that character. But I have found that doesn't work out well. Instead of those who play choosing to eternally attach themselves to a singular character who may not find relevance in a particular storyline, players will instead be encouraged to switch to playing different members of the cast who might have more relevance in any given storyline.

Initially there will be 9 characters for players to use (I have skipped over the first couple storylines so there is enough of a varied cast to choose from) and the players will get to choose from a number of storylines to play out and which characters they want to play in that story. During the stories new teenage mutants will be met and, if the story is completed in an ideal manner, players will be able to pick to use the character featured in that storyline in future stories.

As the story progresses a decent roster of students should be built up so that they can take on their rival school in a competition. There should even be chances for students to get mentored by experienced X-Men.

Everything should not be simply mission-based though and I am hoping for a lot of interaction between players in relationship building scenes.

And if players ever feel disengaged, that the character they are currently controlling can't really contribute, the option to switch to a different character will always be open.
 member, 125 posts
Wed 23 Nov 2022
at 19:19
Generation X (X-Men High School)
I have one person on board, I could still use another three or so to get things really started.
 member, 126 posts
Wed 7 Dec 2022
at 15:47
Generation X (X-Men High School)
 member, 127 posts
Thu 15 Dec 2022
at 21:48
Generation X (X-Men High School)
My initial odd concept of allowing people to switch characters between stories seems to hav been resoundingly rejected.

So I could really use people who are interested in playing some of the very core characters.


Chamber and Penance should open soon if the cast completes the required adventures.
 member, 128 posts
Thu 22 Dec 2022
at 18:44
Generation X (X-Men High School)

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 member, 129 posts
Thu 22 Dec 2022
at 22:08
Generation X (X-Men High School)
I could still use a couple more players.

Available characters

Chamber and Penance should be available in a couple weeks.
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