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Mon 2 May 2022
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Re: Media
"Like I said, they're fired up. I'm not just speaking about what I saw. I spoke with many of them today. They know there are a lot of eyes on them. They see the same press that everyone else sees. They were all in the locker room when Coach Sims handed out punishments to Adam Bronk and Jim Steele for training violations. I asked them about it. The players I talked to all said the same thing. The rules are the rules. The punishments were justified, they are not demoralized at all. They are encouraged to see that every aspect of the training is taken seriously. When I asked if they though any of the recent events would affect their game, they came back with the same answer. No. How do the individual players feel? They feel confidence in their team mates, their coaching staff and their training. They feel like they're going to win."
Mon 2 May 2022
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Re: Media
  As they waited  for haether's answers, Lou held up a Hand...Ok?   I have to ask you about this...

 Vi   rolls her  Eyes...You are such a Fan boy!

 Lou grinned   , still wearing the hat...This is Courtesy  O Your own Station.. they gave  us  one  shot.. and will run the film Tonight at 11:00... But... I mean.. what did the team think of this...

 Pic from Bob from his   angle  on the  sideline...  Adam's eyes   staring  at the Football  , almost imploring it to come to him,  the ball was  coming in even as his left head tipped and right hand  ruled around the back half of the ball.

 Artie and Tim from the   networks  Booth  team said it was....outstanding...   and this was practice?  I have seen guys   dive for balls. hardly ever in practice.....You here there for this..what was the teams  reactions?

 Vi   looked at the pic as well adding..I understand , this was after  some sort of Punishment?
Lindsey Fawn Garret
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Mon 2 May 2022
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Re: Media
"Oh my gosh, Lou. Thank you so much for showing that. Vi is right. You can see my piece on the punishments on the NJS website, but let me set this up. Like I said earlier, Adam Bronk and Jim Steele were punished for missing curfew. They both received laps and a fine. Steele was also benched for the Titans game unless he can convince Coach Sims otherwise by way of performance during practice. If he doesn't then Bronk will probably play QB later in the game in his place. The difference in their punishments stems from the fact that this is Steele's twelfth violation but only the first for Bronk. Steele thinks he is being treated unfairly and will probably appeal. But that aside, the primary punishment for both was the laps.

I watched and they both ran laps the entire practice until the scrimmage. I'll say this because it's important to that clip, Bronk was going at full effort the entire time. He ran over three miles in all, always giving 100% effort.  When Sims called the scrimmage it was for this one play. He ha Bronk go long and he ordered starting quarter back Fred Duke to basically over throw it. You can see in this clip how Bronk's legs just won't go any faster. He's almost at collapse, but rather then give up he just launched himself. I have to say I was holding my breath. It seemed like an impossible catch, and yet Bronk not only came down with it, he rolled to his feet and found the end zone. You showed a picture of me earlier standing and cheering. That was for this play. Everyone was standing. The players were cheering. They all ran down there to congratulate him. This is the spirit of the Dragons. They just don't quit. Ever.

Coach Sims was making that exact point with that play. Right after, her made an announcement to some of the reporters that had already released stories spinning the punishments in a negative way. I asked Coach Sims afterward. What would he have done if Adam Bronk hadn't caught the ball? He said that he knew Bronk would give his all regardless. If he caught or not, it would have shown the doubters who all watched those laps what the Dragons were made of. I can tell you for a fact that everyone got the point."

Mon 2 May 2022
at 01:37
Re: Media
 Lou slapped the desk with One hand and then  drummed it a few more times  with a Big smile...

 I can't wait to see the whole  Film... we'll get it for  our  use after Midnight, it wil make the Mornignshows..but i would have loved to be there..

 Vi said..,,Look at those eyes.....

 Lou Looked at her.

 ..I mean..the concentration.. his...intent!

 Lou   took over  for the  embarrassed Vi,Thanks for that Insite. I'm sure your studio  will be getting  more requests  for your  In put  Lindsey!
Lindsey Fawn Garret
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Mon 2 May 2022
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Re: Media
"Yeah. I've been getting a lot of requests. Other than my station, New Jack Studios, you guys are the first I've talked to on the record.

Hey listen, I really want to add that I think this is a turning point for the NFL and for women in sports. We have a hero in Heather Montgomery and we have an obligation to see this to the next level. I'll give this to the viewers now for the first time. There has been a lot of reaction to the Stokes interview today. Most of it behind the scenes. We're all going to have to wait for some of it, but I can tell you that the Indianapolis Colts are in a full panic. Their damage control people contacted me right after I filmed that. They offered me $10,000 not to air it. It was as incompetent as it was insulting. These kinds of people don't make mistakes like that unless they're desperate."

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Mon 2 May 2022
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Re: Media
 Heather listened to Lindsey's remarks, she had to take a few minutes to redo her tens unit, she wrote the questions down and when she was ready, she answered them.

 Heather came back on the phone and replied," Thank you for this opportunity to talk to the public. The Dragons are so much different then any other team I have ever been on. For one they treat me as a player not a 'female' player, we all care about everyone else and we play as a team."

 Heather then addressed the question about the Dragon's prep, Heather giggled and replied," Oh we are ready as a team, and I believe this incident isn't a distraction at all, it seemed to bring the team even closer together. Also Adam getting punished tells us all that if we screw up we will be punished too."

 Heather smiled and then added for the last question where the Dragons ready," Oh I think the Dragons are very ready, I just hope I can be out there to help them win this game Sunday."
Mon 2 May 2022
at 23:00
Re: Media
 Vi  looks  off  carmera  again and shrugs,we have been trying to  Get Adam bronk, and James Steele on the   lines??/But  neither  seems to  be available...

 So..we have   run a little Over.... you will join the  series " Hard Hits and Soft Passes'.. Thank you all for  watching.. Ladies? thank you  and Good Luck Sunday.
Heather Montomery
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Mon 2 May 2022
at 23:15
Re: Media
 Heather replied," Thank you very much." Heather hung up and looked at her phone at the new messages.
Lindsey Fawn Garret
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Mon 2 May 2022
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Re: Media
"Thank you guys. Look for more to come." *Click*
Tue 3 May 2022
at 00:14
Re: Media
Entertainment tonight...

  A  blonde  smiley woman  spoke as the  theme sound of Captain Lighting  Played in the backround.

   Now the Big Stroy Out of jacksonvillie.... what looked  like   a new Power Couple  has  Turned into a Power Outage..... Recent    Photos of Linda Flame and her Co-Star Max Fline have been  floating about for some weeks  Now.... and  Adam Bronk  has been seen on his own, and..just recently,  with the  Beat Reporter  for  The Jackson Villie  Dragons Lindsey Garret...

 Our  reporter   caught   this  confrontation  at the Stadium as Bronk,  Linsey and     many Dragon players were leaving ...

A Spokesman for  Ms Flame says, she tried to clear up a  misunderstanding.... It  is also noted  by reporters on the west coast, That Ms Flame, and Max Fline were seen together  often, and   at  parties  , not related to  publicity for their Movie...Max Fline was also brought to Atlanta  on Monday  for  a meeting with the Producers of Captain Lighting.

 A Spokesman for  Mr Bronk says, The  Football player could not contact Ms Flame, informing her  ..and i quote'  'it is over"  when asked   why, the Spokesman from Dragons  sent us these  clips... we are to note the dates...

 The  Vids  from Aruba  with  a Topless Linda  in a thong,  frolics on the beach with  Fline ..all three  days  were In between appearances at Dragon Games... the  Most  telling was Linda  straddling Fline in the sand as they kissed.

 we were told  to run this    as to show  'both sides"

 Adam  walking out of the  Rising Son with Lindsey, talking to Sam ,  a picture of   Lindsey at the  Stadium at practice...and a Picture the day before the party  Of  Adam walking  from the stadium  across the parking  by himself, dated, well into the middle of 'Aruba  trips"

  The reporter  with her   smile says...It Appears  that Adam bronk  might be able to catch footballs.... But  holding on to a Girl friend doesn't seem to be his strong point.

The  Aruba  films were credited   from a group in San Diego.. the   pics of Bronk to  Bob from New Jack  Studios

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Sun 22 May 2022
at 16:57
Re: Media
   EDY Showed  Zoe  talking about  the  up coming show tomorrow.

    Her face looked like most times, though their might have been a bit of tightness in her  voice,

     And that's our show  tonight. Once again showing, that perhaps   Hollywood  can be a tricky place to live! forced   pageant smile,Tomorrow's show is a  special. leading  into the  NFL game of the Titans and  Dragons....

 she looked at her  notes as  a way to compose herself,Contributing  reporter  Kate Boring faced  the ahrd Task of Interviewing , the mercurial  Wide  reviver for the Dragons, Adam Bronk... The interveiw... is..rather to  the 'point'... It was tsaped    early today, and  will be shown, right before the Live  encounter show  with   Linda Flame...Lana.. and  Bronks  currantly  floavor of the  week, Lindsey Garret,, i hope y0ou all tune in!
piont spreads.
Wed 25 May 2022
at 22:21
Re: Media
   ESPN started to talk about Injry reports and the Like .

    Cindy handling the Mid Afternoon show, ( big guns did prime time) with her was a  relatively new Guy who retired as Running  Back In Seattle , Marlon  Gicks.

 So  Marlon?   You have  some Information  for those  High rollers  , who like to  bet on the NFL?

  well?  Just a bit.... Words is from the Washington Camp, That their DE  Gory  Clocks  will be able to play this  week, he has  5 sacks  and  two forced fumble this  year,before getting hurt.. The 49ers  get  their  starting   LG  back  , after he came of  IR  for a should  procedure  in September

  But the Big News is   The Dragons and  Titans game... Vegas  just put them back on the line.. recent  troubles  have the dragons spotting  the Titans 70 points!, we go now to   two old friends of yours  Artie Cless and Art Oggin

 HI Guys! are..I miss you guys!

Artie  smiled, and   did  Timmy...I'll tell you what , Cindy, its  been a  Buzz  storm since you left. Lndsey Garret is making a Name for hersdelf,  with the  Stokes-Montomery things, and the thing with Bronk and  Steele, and.. the Think with Bronk's exes....

 Cindy's face   darkened a bit, but she caught what's  the  tidbits you have for us?

 well..Takign those  70 points  might be a good idea?.. Montomery  is  being worked on by the team's doctor and trainers.. They  want  to use her, but the realize  thay are in the playoffs , so they don't  want to take many chances there...

Artie adds,The  big things here, is the status of James Steele.  Thus far, he not only doesn't seems to be  redeeming himself, but  he appears to , not even care..That's a think Coach Sims  won't stand for. If he is benched, That  puts   Wild Cat  QB , Adam Bronk as #2, we won't know  how that will affect thier game plan, and it throws alot of Quections out as to  the Hodler on  Place Kicks?... Smokey Arnest can't hold, if he's goign to be  Kicking, Bronk and Mik are the only ones  who have  held  before.  I mean? I don't know if any one seriouly  is worried  that the Dragons will lose?.. but that 70 point spread looks  real good.
Tue 31 May 2022
at 22:26
Re: Media
11:00 PM  wendensday ESPN  first run of late show....

   a Pic of  Dick McCure MLB  for the Titans... as the  reporter said,and  tonight  he have a  grendae  , lobbed   by MLB Dick McCure at the   Dragons... he says...andI quote...

The Dragons  are running on thier Rep..sooner or  Later  some one's going to step up and Punch them in the Mouth.....we know they'll be going to   light up the scoreboard.. Let them.. we'll be  lighting them up.. they're  Gonna Pay for   every point   they get...

  we tried to reach   Adam Bronk for  a.....timely  response'... but  could  nit get him, So , Marcus  Payne was  shown this  quote....he answered

 That's funny?.. I'm glad he has a sense of humor as all his Bonus money for playoffs  , just  slipped away from the  Christmas tree...... We ain't been Given  Nothin'  and we don't give Nothing away... real tired  of crybaby , grown men whose  feeling's get hurt cause  people play  the  whole 60 minutes of the game.... I am  tired of it... I wish we had More time outs so we could reach 200!... the country would be  flooded by all the tears...The Dragons  are on a Mission... The Titans  are just in our  way..but  not for long!

  The Guy shook his head,gonna look forward to this game,  I wonder if they have enough ambulances for this!
listen up
Wed 8 Jun 2022
at 05:17
Re: Media
Promos  on CBS, ESPN  and  NFL network..were all the same, first airing on the Morning shows  on friday.

 The 'Listen UP' show on the  football network saw   Candy Core,Oscar Finn and trey grasser   sitting there   shaking their heads

 Candy started,Ok?  we  know there is no surprise for the Game  right? What's the best they can do?  a new  song, maybe the  announcement of  some of the  New Captain Lighting Toys?.. but  seriously?

 Trey shook his head, Two woman who were  'all in ' on the dragons. Are suddenly  The Titan's biggest fans?.. I mean, I'll give Lana  a Pass.. she's played there.. and now, after hooking up  with Guy?, they almost have to be Titan fans.

 Oscar, the Reporter of the group says,yeah?  well look at it this way... Christmas is  a  little more then a  week away.. you got Captain Lighting's New movie  coming out next Friday and Lana  and Guy's Christmas special on CBS  Saturday... This game  means nothing to the Dragons, except to stay ahead of San Diego for Home field.. Titans   are gathering all this  free PR.  I mean? people at home will watch the Game, but it would have been hard to get fans ...Titan fans, to sit in the weather to watch thier  team get sacrificed.

 why would  anyone  care, out side of Nashville and  New Jack?

  Candy picked up a  Paper..she smiled as she read it..almost everything the Dragons are doing, are setting records... They have two Ladies Playing, one   after the Biggest cheap shot in the history of the game happened to her....You got all kinds of  heroes on this  team.. You have  Strong and Steady Duke... Poster Boy Ben..anti-hero  Bronk?.. you got tough  guys like   Payne and Wheeler  and worth... you got   likely  folks like  Mik  and Smokey.. 4 old jags , having the  season of a lifetime..and..again, the Two Lady players?...Then>  You got 'Hang a Hundred.'  she stood  up and   unzipped her Hoodie..a dragon green  T-shirt with 'Hang a Hundred' and a  flitting around , Jackie the Dragon.

 then she   kept going,Home field  advantage race..with  3 total games to go in the regular season..You got a Mover   and Shader Beat writer who was  dug  up the Colts  and dumped the compost on them..... for  betting folks..70 favorites..70 points!....and..I wanna know, who doesn't want to see   The Bomb against the Titans.. I Know  i do!..My Dad loves the guy..and he's a Pats  fan!...and with that..the Segway to our Guest..Lance merkins #19 for the Pats... Hey Lance...

 The Guy on the screen was  god looking, he had  some   shadow on his  chin, his hair, looked like he  , just took off a Ball cap...Hey  Candy..Hey Guys, good to be here.

Try spoke up...Hey Man..ok.. now we got  you here, because next week you guys paly the Dragons  on Christams Eve..and  you sorta have your  Mirror  image  on the  other   side,  The Dragon's #19 , Adam Bronk...

Candy   grins  and   showed her shirt again.

 Lance  laughed,No Man, Don't  do that to him.the  guy's a rookie in the NFL , Don't compare him to me or  anyone else.. He's   one of a kind...

  you guys  are  both undersized, you play  hard.. you give out hits, you take them...

 Merkins smiles,all football  layers  hit and get  hit... brank's a Nut watch field on him? If i was a DB  i'd be sick that day!

 They laughed

 So, who's going to  win.. Dragons  or   the Titans and  thier Dragon slayers..

  Lance laughed  again...Look..Guys? the Dragons waxed the Titans last time... Not going to be  much different this time..i mean? who do you stop..right?..Stop  Bronk..Machins  and Hope  go crazy...  everyone laughs  at their run game? But you can't   run the ball much  when you have recievers taking the ball 50 =60 yards..and then the defense, You can't
  gain a yard without paying for it..

Candy says...Ok . Bronk? she smiles  as Tray rolls his eyes.

 ok?  look. we  both  run great  routes..we  got    go after contested   catches..and  we'll take that hit to get the ball.....Now me?  I block to stop the other guy from making a play..Bronk hits  people for fun!..he ..WANTS to bplock, and he   punishes
 you  for every hit  you ever made..that's the difference..and? well.. he's a tad
 faster then i am..
bashful grin

 Oscar smiled,Thanks for your time..Real quick.. take the points. or give the points...

  Lance was standing up to go back to meetingsYou remember  that  little girl Mascot the Dragons have?....The Dragons remember what  the Titans  did... give the points..
Thu 16 Jun 2022
at 00:54
Re: Media
  The   noon to 1:30 news  shows.


 Nashville  News..." the Dragons have arrived  and are suing thier Hotel and   the Stadium for thier  stay. Local Business  owners  are disappointed in the announcement that thwe Dragons are restricted to the Hotel Saturady, and will leave  NashVille after the game... a Statement from Yuto  Amota, GM of The Dragons  says...."...we have a Victory Party  Sunday night, and Holiday  visits  for our people on waill be a busy week   as we get ready for  the Patriots..."

  The announce  smiles as he said..." Victory Party, Yuto?... the cart maigh be a few miles before the horse!"


 NFL  Network....after  some laughing and Horsing around, The  Woman Host  who  seemed to try to keep the  other is in Line  Finally  stopped Tell me again, how Linda and Lana beat the Dragons?

 The one ex Player, a RB  for  the  Vikings long ago,..Look? You got these two crazy  women, aall beating up  on some Little Guy who, Most people don't even know his name!..well.. he   tries to shut them less focused..and? Both of them are Going to be in the  Titans Owner's  box!

another  Guy who was a DE  for the  SAints.Naw man? you ain't  done  yer home work.. That little  dude is lazar focuses?. Hell? Might be the reason why the  chicks went to  find  some one  easier to tame..right?...  The A-Bomb is  coming Nashville..hit yer  shelters!!

 The woman You think these ladies   are at fault..they went roaming?

 I seen it in my playing days.. you look at that Guy... 5.10?..get he's  about 160 -170...But i challenge  any one in our business to say the man can't ball!m he motions and  the Pic of Adam , ( with  Bob's  watermark) stretched out making at Catch...not every one knows the story here.. My Man Echo Bill from New Jack... His Podcast "Bill's Echos"..... he filled me in  on this..and what led  up to that catch.... You give me an expansion team... I'm getting   as many dude  like this  as  I can..... Those ladies? one got called out by the other.. and the second one got  caught... Dragons...Give the points!!!


 New Jack News..( contrib to CBS)... Lindsey's   interview  with the protestors  and attack.

  after the piece  ran The  Host of the  show asked EG, Via  zoom..."what do you think of this?"

 I am upset.. we  are getting Nashville police involved.. Thank god   Mr Amota lent Ms Garret body guards... we will seek somethign for this attack...and we'll investif=gate  why they were their..some one's gettign a big payday, and some ones going to jail.... The Dragon's Adam Bronk was  fined 50,000 for  grabbing  Winnie   and Pulling her away from  Ms Montomery...This is worse, because  the protestors should not have been there.
after shock
Fri 24 Jun 2022
at 00:18
Re: Media
Media  was going wild, Suddenly, the Entertainment   News show  and websites were   getting upticks  in in searches.

 'Rising Star Studios" were getting hammered  by  calls  about   Bronk  leaving the show before he even started..most emails and messages    could be sorted

1...Bronk's a jerk, why did he  leave

2... we  saw the footage, why was  Fline signed, he chased  Bronk away

3... Linda's a whore!

4..Get him back!

5.. Why is Fline here.. there isn't a Carbine Danels  in ANY of the   Captain Lighting  books!

6... how can  i watch the movie now!


 talking heads  Bashed  Adam for walking away..others  bashed Linda  and Max  for chasing him away...

Romantics  saw Bronk as a hero, throwing away all that Money, to make  life easier  for  him and  His new   lady..

 Linda  was  shown crying   with Max Holding her  close as she  said , she felt  betrayed by Adam for walking out on them, this close to  the  Filming stage, after  sitting through  table readings  and Zoom  calls.

Some Harsher folks  said , Linda did this, thinking   the 'dumb jock' was all reeled in, so she  could go play..they pointed out  the   'head-to-head' all the L's  didn't need to happen, and   that Linda and Lana got owned  by a 'beat reporter'

 One  woman sat at her desk and  looked  at  her  broadcast partner ...would you turn down 30 Million, to ease your wife's mind?

 The Guy laughed..hard...are you crazy?  I would have taken the money and give my  wife  30 million reasons  to be happy...

 The woman  smiled sadly...our polls show..that alot of people think like you do..Guess they don't make too many guys like Bronk...

 Her partner  smiled,and the  NFL is very happy!...enjoy the game tomorrow folks...
college playoff
Tue 28 Jun 2022
at 14:28
Re: Media
The Banana Bowl ( for this uninverse) is a newer Bowl..There is a playoff system which  pits  'evenly matched  teams ( regardless of  polls)

 The Big Ten has lost alot of Luster with the front loading of  'cupcakes' and , at any one year, there are only 2 or three  teams  playing  good  football

 The SEC, Pac12  and  ACC have rgown to be the 'powers' in College ball right now..but the playoffs  neded to  weed folks out.. Aburn is  5th in the 'Playoff Ladder' as its called now.

 this week, several small bowls are used to knock down the  10 entries  for the college title

Ranks  are






6..Penn state



points  were awarded   for conference Ponts for DIII or DII schools played ( even though the   Pols still use the  w/l)

 the first round gets  every one to play ... 1 plays  8...2 plays  7  ect

 the next round  will go to  bigger  bowls  with the highest remaining seed, playing the lowest remaining seed  ect.

 the  two remaining teams   play the 2nd week in January in The Rose Bowl..Ornage Bowl..or Star Bowl ( dallas) Rotation. Game is  The Orange Bowl this  year)

 The polls are used for PR and keeps  the talking heads employed ..but this  'one and done playoff' is set up by  pure  points( and winning of course)






6..Penn state



Usc 20  Alamba  13... Muddy Water Bowl..Birmingham

Arizona 35 Miami 16... roadrunner bowl Arizona

Pitt 42 Clemson 24  Heahtjy Juice bowl. Oregon

Aubrun 35 Pennstate  3  Banana Bowl HI

Next week:

USC Vs  Auburn  Duck Insurance Bowl...Indianapolis

Pitt  Vs Arizona  Powrade   Bowl... Stanford stadium
post game
Mon 25 Jul 2022
at 01:12
Re: Media
  well People, Washington is taking On the Saints.. its  late in the first  Quarter Sainte  are  up 3-0

 we have no time..for anything!  so we will leave this crawl showing   which  teams   are  looked in..or in the hunt...

 AFC East... Pats 10-4...... Jets 8-6

 AFC West... Chargers  13-1 *,,Broncos 8-6

 AFC North...Ravens 10-4....Bengals 9-5

 AFC South.. Dragons  14-0*...Colts  9-5

 NFC East... Cowboys 19-4... NYG...9-5

 NFC North...Bears 11-3 *

 NFC South...Saints 9-5...Falcons 7-7

 NFC West....$9ers 8-6...Seahawks 7-7
Tue 26 Jul 2022
at 01:24
Re: Media
Titans  Dragons Pressers..

 Coach Francis sat  down and looked over the Press corps Just a few Questions, then I have to go..been a long damn day..

 New York Times...." Coach?  Why wasnt the field  covered? The Dragons practiced on it last  night and the  crerws were cleaning. why wouldn't they have covered it? The  Choef  Grounds Keeper should have made that call?"

 I don't know?..Right?.. I was at the Dome and  we  went home Dragoms were allowed in our Dome, they didn't want it..

 " But..the question is..the field wasn't  covered?"

 Next Question

Tennesse  Dispatch..."  what  are the effects of this  lambasting ? and  the  third string QB leads a drive  97  yards in  a little over a Minute...i does your team shake this off?"

 That last touch down, was grandstanding, against 2nd  and 3rd Teamers who were cold and beaten and wanted to go home..

"...But the  Dragons didn't seem reasy to go home.."

 alright?  I'm Done...  its  been a long bad  day..i can't do this... he got up and Left.


  Sims  was  ushered in..STILL..holdign the football from the Jags alum.

 " Coach Sims...  do you feel that you may have over did it... That  Last score? Did it matter..did you have to do that?"

 Sims  smiled as he laughed,Hell yes!..Look... we only have  so many  padded practices...  teams , by now, Know we are  playing   a full speed  for 60 minutes...I never hide it..i don't trick  when they give up, I have a chance to have my  team practice  for real.. pads on, clock running, scoreboard lit..and alot of things on the line.So..yeah?  Too bad for them... Stalls  got that  last Score.. That might be the biggest play he gets to make  this year. I'm not taking anything away from my players...

 he waved  for the next Question...

 " what's with the Ball?"

 This  is the BAll Payne  scored the   rusguing TD with..all 4  'old jags' were in on that play... and they scored, against a team that beat them up, Last 4 years.. he is a little something..I didn't use it...didn't need to..but this is for you... It His head Caoch , Bil francis, Last year.. they beat the  Lags  in the Old  Jags stadium..43 to six...he says...'>> The Jags are a Joke.. they need a reaf franchise  down there!"

Sims held Up the copy of the  143-21?... will they Bring in a new onwer and HC?

  He more question..I got   players who want to get out of this Dumpster of a building..

"...Coach.. I'm From Dallas  Herald.. do you have a message for the rest of the NFL?"

  Sims  smiles  dropped  a bit...WE...have been sending  a message  all season... we take care of  our  franchise and our city... we  make sure   we keep our players in line  to be  good  citizens of New Jack...our players play, and work hard..we don't have any freeloaders .. we play hard, score alot, and stop others from scoring..... If they don't know the message, let me say it now... 'Welcome to Dragon Ball...we ain't going no where, so get used to it!"  he  waved    and ;left.. as the   tables  were ready for the players.
Tue 26 Jul 2022
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Re: Media
  The  4 Dragons walked into the  Media  Room and sat down, fresh from warm showers, Adam had a Hoodie in his hand to  put  on if the room began to chill him.

 I'm gonna  say this we are  all on the same page...some one says  something stupid, that offends me  or  My friends here..that person has to leave, or we will... Now..lets get started, new Jack isn't getting any closer with us sitting here.

 New York Daily News..." Adam and  Marques?  Your  success with the Dragons have   made you all targets for  Free Agent offers..what are the Chances  of you  going to  New York. "

 Adam snorted.. 2 years ago? I would have  played for the Jets  if they signed me... Heck I would have even played for the Giants, Just to get into the league... But.. I don't think i'm going anywhere for a few years.

 Payne  nodded,Giants got rid of me  after a training camp injury... The Jags picked me up, their  trainer got be set... The Dragons  could have  bounced me..but they kept can't be a player, and  cry about loyalty , if you aren't loyal, your ownself.

"...But   they could offer you alot more  then you are getting here? "

 Both Payne and Adam laughed..first we don't know  'what were getting', after our base... The Bonuses are just that..Bonuses.. and are tallied  away from the Contract... I'm not afraid to say, that the league  and  others around the league, will be very surprised, how much we get paid..

 Then he Looks  down at the other  three at the table..ain't all about  Money, neither... We got friends  and Family here.. when  some idiot talks  about ' Business decisions'.. or 'Taking care of  my family"..its  all Bull crap... its greed...I ain't never been happier playing Ball  with then i am and Bronk..were New York boys..but  we have a home now.

 Tennesse Dispatch..." Adam?  some players  around the  League  say you are a dirty Player..Some think you're  just  a 'coaches  Pet'... Cob and you were supposed to have  an Epic Match up..but  he  hardly  played. were you relieved   he couldn't play? "

 Payne laughed at that, Adam Grinned  and his shoulders shook with laughter, when he composed himself... he began, with a grin on his face,

 First?   I'm not dirty? I play  extra hard, to show  all these   'all pros' I belong in the league.. you grab a ref, sit there  and show my best hits, and ask them if they were legal... were some Unnecessary ?  Maybe..but I play to the whistle, and  if you're on the field, and I was supposed to block're getting hit. he grinned  again,

 Coach has  a whole team of 'coaches  Pets'.. his arm  included those  at the table with him... you work hard, and play hard... and you're bound to be a 'favorite'

 Again he laughed a bit and shook his head, then looked  at the reporter.Cob played  what?...13 seconds?..He got jacked couldn't finish the I'll be looking forward to the official  injury reports, because they can't  mess with those... I want to know if it was confirmed he was Concussed ..or whether it was  'better for him' to say he was..its sorta of bothers me, he's  in the  top 10 in  DB votes for the all star team.. there's a good bet he couldn't start for us.,

   other  reporters got their turn.


  How did you feel kicking today

  did you reinjure yourself? , what did  Arnest come in to kick.

 do you think you will be able to play  this week.


  according to reports, you were signed friday Morning.. had one practice  and a walk through, and  ended up getting more playing time, then some of the Vets on the Titans.. are you surprised?

 what was it like to be a Dargon for less then  72  hours  and find your self  on this side of a massive  score difference ?

 Do you think you can Buy into the way the Dragons  play..with the  Tempo, and no  quarter asked or givcen? being the newest guy..does this bother you?"

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Tue 26 Jul 2022
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Re: Media
 Heather smiled and listened to the questions to Payne and Adam, she giggled at a few questions and answers as well.

 Then it was her turn, the first question was easy, " I felt great some mild discomfort at first but as the game went on that went away the only problem was that the field was a fu... opps a disgrace. This field was even worse than Buffalo and they had a blizzard to deal with. Very poor footing and the first half was covered in slush that made it even that much harder to kick."

 Heather smiled and replied, " Oh no I did not reinjure myself I was told going into the game I would have a few kicks, I got a lot more than that and a On-Side kick try that we almost recovered. I pulled myself out after my last slip to make sure I didn't hurt myself on this horrible field for a real game next week verses the Patriots. It was planned from the start that Smokey would take over all kicking duties at some point during the game I just stayed in a lot longer than expected I think but the Coaches left it up to me and the medical staff."

 Heather smiled and said with conviction," Oh yes, I will be playing next week unless the medical staff stops me, that's why I didn't finish the game to make sure I was ready to play a very good and a more disciplined team next week in the Patriots. I just hope we don't have the same official team that's all."
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Re: Media
ó> Locker Rooms

Rock scratched his head a little at the phrasing of the first question. ĒThat first question sounds like two questions, so Iím going to address it that way. First, Dragons coaches seem like a smart lot and want to see what they have as the playoffs approach. No better way of doing that then giving me a decent number of snaps. Iíd also credit the vets for helping me get up to speed very fast. Every one of them was all about teaching me how the Dragons play D. Everyone on this team watches a lot of tape, studies both their opponents and themselves, and knows their job. They trust their teammates and play within the system. Coaches repeat the mantra - Ďdo YOUR jobí and everyone took the time to help me understand my job.Ē

He frowned a little. ĒThe other half of that question seems to focus on why some Titans vets didnít get as much time as usual and I really have no comment on that. I will point out that some of the Titans on special teams and the Titans offense played quite a bit and played their tails off until the final gun.Ē

He raised an eyebrow. ĒIíd be lying if I said the score difference wasnít a huge comfort as I settled in. Our offense came out strong, and that makes playing D on this team a lot easier. Credit to our offense for putting their foot on the gas and giving the D some breathing room. Coach Corum probably feels more comfortable dialing up exotics when we are up four touchdowns.Ē

He smiled at the question about style. ĒI love the style this team employs, and I hope the fans do as well. I donít think anyone pays hard-earned money to watch kneel downs and endless dives into the line. They want to see plays, they want to see the ball getting flung around the field, they want to see kickoffs getting returned. Dragons try to make all that happen and Iím going to love being a part of it. And letís be honest - cornerbacks arenít getting tired as we arenít leaning on guys all day. The men that probably donít get enough credit but are the bedrock of the D are the guys on our D line. Wall, Kane, Spencer, Dalton, Wilder, Pitts. Those guys set the tone for us.Ē

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Tue 26 Jul 2022
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Re: Media
 In the  Hall, Mr  Amota  saw Lindsey and   Mindy, he  said,Come.. I am making announcement.. you two should be there for it, not  just room of jackals

 as he stepped  into the  room Adam  stood  but he   waved     him  down. he smiled  at the other , Giving Payne a solid   pat on the shoulder , a soft smile to Rock and heather, and he stood  behind Adam , placing  both hands on Adam's shoulders.

 I came, for two  to get this moving as we are well behind schedule to leave.....

  You have heard..about   Big Bet!... His left hand left Adams  shoulder  and moved to  accent the word   'big' before landing down hard on Adam Shoulder... Adam Looked  back with a raised  eyebrow, some folks laughed.

 I was laughed at, for taking big bet. 70 points they say..too much..too big by much. I did not see  it that way.. i saw it , as my team had big goal... My team..They  make me very proud...not because they win..but  because they win with honor.. there is no honor, in not giving your best..there is less honor  and  crying, that someone gave thier best, and you were  found lacking...

 So? the bet..Big money...2.5 Million dollars was Total pot.. I was lone person who stood   on my team's side of pot is mine..payable, By Monday night...

 There are 19 other  Companies, who all had thier own charities  to give  the money to.... so..i make this announcement 

 I will take 1.5 Million for My hospital in New JAck.... the other Million will bne divide  among the 19..and they may  give that windfall to the  charities they have claimed...It is.. Christmas all those charities, and to mine. My  Daughter LU-TI will see to the dispersment Now..thank you for listening  to Old Man Talk...Come  You Samuri..we have planes to catch.. his  hands shooed out the  4 'samurais"
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Thu 4 Aug 2022
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Re: Media
((Monday after Titans  game))

 I the backround  the studio was  decorated   for Xmas. The  Lady Host, a  talk Blonde  woman  spoke

 Good Morning, I am Lisa Lyles, and  as always,, Many Frostburg and Drake Louis are with me   this morning... Now... the first thing is first...There has  been alot of Buzz  about the Titans   Dragons game?

Drake started first.The Black man still looked fit and ready to play.I played  7 years in this league?... i have seen bad officials   in that time..but by  far..THE..worst

 Frostburg,  a white man , a bit older then Drake  nodded,... I  played safety for  10 years... some of these  'no cals' would have got me suspended!

 it took a  good  7 minutes, of   plays  showing  Ben almost losing his  knee,, Duke gettign hit ( very late)  and at least  7 shots on Adam.

 after the  slow  mo  offering of those plays..Lisa  said,and these aren't  even all of them.. The titans  will   be receiving alot of certified letters in the mail for  fines and ...maybe  suspensions... her  hand moved to   Manny   with a head nod.

 ..Look.. Hits On Bronk?. He brings that on himself, most times...but  that doesn't mean you hit him cheap..right?..Hope?  Dukes.. these guys are class acts..why would  you cheap shot them

 Lisa   then  flicked the  button and the  screens from the  stadium of the Dragons in thier 'walk through' in the snow and slush, and what the field looked like  before kickoff..

 The Field was a disgrace.... peopel here  at the NFL channel has backed up the ground crews as  they  made the best  of the situtaon ..AFTER...the game started. But  some one  from the Titans  Stadium Staff, said, the ground crews were not permitted to  clear the field until  warmups..they were to concentrate of the  seats  and aisle of the stadium..

 Drake shook his head...Bush league..and stupid.... i mean.. if you fear a team's speed?.. how does slowing yourself  down help any...This game ...the whole thing  was bad..except, of course, the Dragons... you couldn't even tell it was bad  weather , if you went by them..

 Manny Laughed.....and all that fuss about the halftime show? and Big Announcement. That back fired as well..

 Lisa   nodded..Sure did!.... we did some checking, to see what effect that PR stunt had on ticket sales, for the  Biggest Blockbuster  , for the Holiday Season?..... Ticket   reservations have slowed to a trickle?..20% of  Ticket purchased, have asked  for  refunds, or a ticket to another Movie.. and this  is picking up, Nation wide.. whatever they thought they were going to accomplish...this sure ain't it! she  giggled.

 Drake shook his head,..look man?I love me some Captain know... But this  stuff  with Bronk,, havign to leave  after all the Crap that hit the fan.... I'll say this, to Hollywood  and Atlanta... you guys make movies..and you have  a football player   on your cast... you damn well better be loyal, 'cause that's in our Blood!.. you can't be jerkin' a  guy around and expect him to be happy!

 Manny shuffled his  papers....Agreed.. I mean.. You know someone  was goignt o find out..right?'re a media  face?.. then you  do crap like this , when you find out the Guy you played, didn't like i\t?.. Sorry  folks..doesn't  work like that...we have players..who are players... every walk of Life has that..but don't  rub you  boy's face in it  with Vid shot of  you on the beach...

 well?  whthr or not   they thought it would be 'OK'..its turning out not to be... Bronk  turned down  big Money and walked away.., the country is  divided  on if he should have satyed or went..but this last thing   on Sunday, has changed the course.. The Show runners  are, trying to get into contact with Bronk..but have had no luck  reaching him..

 she crumpled up a sheet of  paper and threw it over her shoulder...can't blame him..Now.. Lets see the  Patriots  , Chargers  and  Chiefs highlights...
Thu 11 Aug 2022
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Re: Media
(( around  5:00 PM  Monday after Titans))

  A white older fellow  sits behind the ESPN Desk, his  hands  clasped as he says,We have a  rather big announcement from the  NFL Offices  in New York... We  Go now  to  Trish Fleming in New York...

A  white woman with  long black  hair  stood  looking at the Camera, Ivory Collins   was walking across  the  room to a Mic.. Hey, Oscar..  This is something Big...i can only guess it has to do with the titans game, after the furious  attack by The  Dragon's  Mr Orato Amota, His daughter  LU-TI  and  GM Son Yuto....

 Ivory  looked angry,,, his neck muscles   flexed , looked over the  reporters and began.

 This   is a dark Day for the NFL...and...if  things keep going in this direction, it will get worse....we have...too long, allowed  a handful of Owners  to  hold a death grip on Power in the NFL.... that is about to change...

 he looked  at a sheet he had, then to the reporters.The field conditions   were, at best...dangerous, they were made worse , by the host team not  covering the filed, nor using heating elements that helped the  field thaw...... lack of proper  heat on the Dragons  sidelines, while the  Titans had operation devices,  is against the rules, just as if  headsets  would go down for one team... neither team, can use  aids, if the other  team does not have them

  we have on file, Pictures  and Fil of illegal hits... and I do not mean Boerline hits..I mean  , flat out  ,,after thw whistle.. we have  some targeting..and none were called...Coach Sim.... Mr Amota  and Yuto and  Norton Miles..have  filed   a protest against the Refrees..and filed  protests for  Conditions  against  Titan Ownership the most damning  allegation, and   in the past hour, we have  confirmation of its  truth.... The field conditions  and   lack of   Officials doing their  job, was directly linked to   Betting houses in Vegas  'Fireball Sports'.. and  Augusta  Sports' , reportedly ask if there were  anything   the Titans  could do  to  help keep the  Dragons
 under the  70 point  spot...

  the other  30 owners were called in..,..either in person, or face to   rule on this....... Thier   decisions  came  fast....

 he shakes his head  as he looks down, then looks up at the people....I know the struggles  of a Minioty ..from draft playing all star votes, to contracts... trying to get a coaching pot.. i am....these last two years i have seen my  fellow  NFL  community members, beat down the Amotas, and at every turn, they came back stronger. No place was  more evident, when i visited   them in their  owners  box, then went to the tians Box.. I went from seeing   powerful people caring for  the least  among us... to seeing Greed and  envy oozing from the tians..... I saw  an owner and his  family cheering on their team... worried   for each illegal hit, and taking time to welcome  family members... while the Titans  welcomed the rich and famous...

 not ever one agrees  with the  way the Dragons'play 60'..but  maybe we should.... here is the rulings  for these  protests.. it was done in record  time, because  of the other games that could be played  in those conditions...

 for the field  conditions... Bud Campbell's team will lose  their  2nd  and third  picks  in the up coming  draft..they will be put into  the mix for  compensatory picks...

 The Refree unit will not be permitted  any  post season games, and they will be under watch for the final two games of the regular season.....

 For the   'working with  a betting House" to  fix the point spread..Bud  Campbell will be  Banned from the stadium and  NFL functions  for   1 year starting now... his GN will take over the day to day business  of  running the team.

 Head Coach  Bill francis is   fined  50.000 dollars for  his part in deliberate  late hits..and will be suspended  for the last two games of the regular season

 The  two betting houses  in question, will not be  permitted to use the NFL  or our trademarks, at the  risk of lawsuits..they will have to submit forms to  the league at the spring meetings, to be permitted the use of our names  and   likenesses.

 Bud Campbell has lost  his place on the Competition Committee..he will be replaced  By Orat Amota, of the dragons

 if these  sound  harsh?   keep in mind, they should be harsh

he walked away ignoring all  questions.

 Tish said....The Hammer just came down..