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Wed 21 Apr 2010
at 01:45
  Rules  lite..butthese will be enforced

1. GM ruling is final word.
2. No confrontations between users on the have a problem PM me
3. Keep the langauge somewhat clean...profanties at certain times is understandable...but reign it over the top..not constant , or you will be tossed
4. this is freeform..but you cannot act on another player ...You can SAY what you will do...GM will be the judge of what happens or not ( you may talk out something with another player..if  all agreed  you may play scenes out..but GM should be informed)

5. there will be some dice rolling in games and such..I will cue you when this is needed
6..there will be stats  once the season starts, will try to make this as realistic as this  type of game  can be, without bogging game down

7 You may have up to 2 Characters in this game..GM will have to OK your second character.
 8.  have fun, be active

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Front Office
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Sat 7 Apr 2012
at 05:31
Re: Rules

   For all here , an explantion of "flex time"

 Flex time , is to allow  players to  RP  in more then one  thread  at a time..the  only two rules that apply to Flex  time  are these.

 1. make certain a flex time 'in the past' does not contridict something you will post in a  'future' thread.

 2.likewise, do not use  somehting  learned in a future thread , ion a past thread, that your character would not have known about.

  this is to increase  players  chance  for RP, and help add moredepth and play to the game.