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Wed 3 Jul 2019
at 13:55
  The Texans  arrived   at  Amota International.. though smaller then    most of  the 'large ' airports.. it has become a Hub for Business folks  and  High rollers  to   escape the   bogged   down  LArger  Airports

 The Hotel was reached,  it  was only 20 minutes from the Airport, and   15 from the Complex of fields.

 It was  Then things  started to go ..awkward....

 The Security  folks   told   the Texans  that the   equipment people could  enter the stadium  and  set ups what they needed for Sunday's  game.  But  the practice   and Meetings   for the rest of the time, up..until..'walkthrough' would be  at the Soccer field ( which was  already Lined off  for   football, because  of  some community leagues    playign there. )

 The  Head Coach  yelled at the Security people and CAlled  His owner..who called Yuto.. who talked to him for  15 minutes... in the end..The Texans   left one bus at the  stadium to be  unloaded and the  Game gear set up... while the Bus went to the soccer  filed.

 at least 2 hours of  thier   time in Jacksonville  was wasted   finding the meeting  rooms in the   Soccer stadium .. getting thier   stuff  sorted  and takign the field.... the good thing was.. they could set thier own schedule there, since the dragons   were using the   Lair .

  The  team bitched  and moaned   about practicing on Grass, and then having to  play on  the   'grasslike' poly turf for game time... but Yuto  just  ignored   Then  with  curt answers  about The dragons  having to get thier own Hotel and dealing with unrulily   fans   before the  game...he politely  suggested   , that next year they do not come in until Saturday, if they do not want to practice  on the grass.

  Mosh  took the chance to be   a 'Spokesman' ...People Been  talkin' the   last Month or so..how the Dragons  are  a Class  Team?... This  ain't class..makin' us  workout  on a  grass field  and then have ta play of  Turf?....   I hope the League  steps up and does  somethin'  'bout this...
Tue 17 May 2022
at 11:36
(( Travel to Nashville..Lindsey, team ect))
Sat 28 May 2022
at 00:02
   at the hotel in New Jack a Phone  rang... Rock answered.

   Hey Rock..Coach Manning.... Look? I know  the   work out  at the soccer field  seemed weird..but   there's alot of press around  this week, and  we wanted  you to get the workout in private.

 Now, Coach Sims   saw the tapes,, but  time is  running out. We have a 'pep rally' of sorts  at The Rising Son.... Coach Sims wants you to come and   Talk  to Him and Yuto, the GM..we  are moving   fast here.. we have a light workout tomorrow and  fly to  Nashville..het our  work out  in , and our  walk through.

 If You don't  like  what they say?  you can try some other teams... if  it sounds good, you'll sign  and  come to nashville with us, maybe get some work in with the guys tomorrow....either way? a car is comign to pick you  up arund  7:30..party is  at 8..
Rock Woodson
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Sat 28 May 2022
at 02:34
Rock had an ultrathin tablet in his hands when the call came through, and he tapped the call icon to accept the call with video. He smiled when he saw who was calling. "No worries about the location of the tryout, coach, I'm just glad you took a look. Tapes are one thing, in the flesh is another."

He nodded at the instructions. "I'll be at the pep rally. Any attire you'd prefer I'd wear?" He wasn't on the roster yet, but figured it would be good to follow protocol. Some teams liked to be very particular concerning how their players looked. "I'll be ready for the car, early. And I look forward to the rally." He intentionally didn't use the word 'party' to respond to Coach Manning. Last thing he needed was to appear unprofessional before even making his debut.

"I look forward to hearing what Coach Sims and Mister Yuto have to say. I'll see you there." Rock paused to see if there was anything else that Manning wanted to say, then killed the connection.

Rock picked up a stylus and tapped it a few times on the tablet before rewinding the video to watch the defense's pre-snap movements. He wrote a note. Bunch left and looks like cover-3 presnap. Then he watched the play. He frowned briefly at what he saw. This was definitely going to be a step up in complexity comparted to what he'd previously experienced.
Sat 28 May 2022
at 03:00
  Manning  said,yeah?   Titans  aren't  very good,  they'll we worse without Stoops, he could have played,  But he's a marked man wafter what he did  to   Lissy Dragon..he's listed  as    'inactive'  this week.

 Dress how you want?  we  got guys like Bronk and  Mik in Polos and Hoodies... Duke likes to wear sports  jackes,  Payne  and worth wear   dress  shirts and slacks... its  a fun thing..not a cocktail party..

 Now? You don't like   the gig and turn it down, You let Mr  Yuto Know if you want us  to confirm you had a try out... if not?  , no one ever  heard of you here... You like  what you hear,  then make a deal in the club, you'll sign papers and be ready for the 1st  meeting at 6:00AM..and? we  can Introduce you at the part, which will get some league tongues  wagging

 see you at the club
Fri 24 Jun 2022
at 01:48
   Titans were at home..most of them, some where out on the town, either looking For  dragons, or just trying to chase the butterflies away.

   There  was  alot of support for the Titans... There was a growing  division as  some   fans  saw Adam's 'take down' of Cob on TV.. and alot of  fans...and players  were suddenly realizing how  foolish, or  entitled they seemed .

  Coach Fry was asked at the stadium  by Winnie,Coach Fry..who is the best reciver in the Game....

 Coach  waggled his finger at her...you have to  point out? Tight End, or  wide out...... Over all? You have to go with  Ben Hope?.. he is closing in 150 catches, with  3 games left... he has  over  3000 yards  49  TDs?... He would also be the Best Tight end....Now? You want  to ask me who the best Wideout is..Its Adam Bronk....107 catches 2300 yards...25 TDs...no wide out is  close to him , except Lance merkins from the Pats...he has
 86  catches , and 900 some  yards, and  9 touchdowns....The league is lucky  merkins  isn't here.. you add him to  Machins, Wills  and  Arnest.. we might not even have to play the game...But that's  all the answers you're getting from  me, the Bus  is leaving...

post game
Fri 15 Jul 2022
at 00:17
(( across the Nation..anyone watching Post game while the Dragons  are playing ))

  a Black woman with a Light Blue  dress  stod by a board, along  with a  white  Older  guy, who once  coached in the  league.

 welcome to all for  folks out there  who have been  sent here, The Titans  and   Dragons are  taking a while to get their game, in as  an extended half  time, some field cleanings, alot of  scores, and alot of   ejections...

 That's right   Nikki,  The  Titans have  had  at elast two people  leave the game, both ar considered  down for the seson with only two regular seasons  games to go.. we'll have some  highlights here, between the  3rd and  4th quarter of the  Dragons and Titans game... most people will enjoy the   bonus  coverage  Until 7:00 PM EST...

  She  smiled  and held her   hands out,beofre we return you to the game..we have these things   of Interest.... 1st?  The Dragons need  21 points to 'Hang a Hundred....the  2nd, is  They are a bit  ahead of the point spread, which  is of great interest to a number of charities..the last think of Interest, is Coach  Sims  wil beresting   league leading  QB  Duke Fillings, and  truning the team over  to   Adam Bronk  to finish out  the game...as   many o you know , QB JAmes Steele  was benched  for  team violations... it will be interesting to see how this all works out! Mitch?

 i won't lie.. I'm pulling for  the Little Guy... Go  Dragons..see you all at the quarter break!