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Sun 5 Jan 2020
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IC: (Not Advice) Exalted 2.5e Great Escape (Alt Hist) Adult!
The poetry is rough right now, but I have rough draft I need to edit for the introduction. The idea, boiled down, is that the Great Hunt failed, at least at it's most crucial level. Deathlords awoke, and lawgivers, several dozen of their mates, and many Viziers were slain, or interrogated. However, not ALL the holds in Pressed Beyond the Veil of Time were raided. Hubris run high with the dragon blooded, and the Bronze Faction were at the height of madness.

Vizier savants, those Legendary when Kejop was newly planning the usurpation and their junior; helped a couple dozen celestial Press Beyond the Veil of Time in the Ocean barges, and in the eastern forests. The Great Hunt did not raid all sanctum PRessed Beyond the Veil of Time. They tried, and failed. Some Anathema were in fact amalgams disguised by emerald spell and magic. Some Stewards were in fact martyrs whom took on forms of their Steward liege. The usurpation idd not succed in iobjective one; thought it did kill hundreds of Celestials, and heinous infanticide and even genocide of races of mortals.

There were four main bases and four minor bases. North base was to be in contact, but Kalbox was not to be survived. South base was host to problems that ended the Lawgivers' lives, and sent Tamuz rogue. What stands as Kether Rock is the remains of splinter groups that originate from the South base. Sanctuary does have a North base, and that is where the East and West base, were the characters will be from, are most interested in. For Kalbox had sent a couple dozen lesser celestials there, while he planned the Invisible Fortress.

Now as Lawgiver escape the prison, five years is but three weeks for East and West base. They have marshalled and decided to make mass exodus in absance of the Empress. They are out for blood and to reign in Creation and the only true heirs to Gaia's and Creatia's Realm. None shall stand in their way. If the Bron ze Faction leads the Dynast on Great hunt, they will be found the prey. They will be the one's subject to genocide, unless the Lawgivers, their mates and Vizier Sifus deem to give mercy. Kejup's snetence is not death, prison. Either WAter Spider Bitten. Mists of Eventide and Eternal Crystalline Encasement, or Slave Collar with a skin mount amulet of Gem of Immortality. He will be eternal guilty and the parish of this age of sorrows.

IT would span from Established to Legendary Celestials. If you're a solar, you'll probbaly not be legendary any time soon. If you're a dragon blooded, you'd start legendary and have the option to play up to five characters. If you're Sidereal or Lunare, we'd have to assess what Influential and Legendary sheets would look like, and err on the side of less powerful if in doubt of overshadowing the Lawgivers significantly.

There would be the option to also play a Patropolis or Metropolis, or one of two champion colossi using homebrew rules to assing new power. These alchemicals would be independently made. The eighth seal ahs not bene broken, but Celestials have worked to create basically identical processes, a solar circle spell superior to imbue amagal,  and the best they could do for "Resurrection". Otherwise most of the Alchemical rules would apply.

infernal concepts must be agreed as players, that you'll wear a slave collar. No exceptions. Players can discuss limitations, but if you don't want slave collar, don't be an Infernal. Abyssals will default the same, but may or may not have either an oath, or some other lesser conpliance. No matter what, the deathknight will be renegade, either by failure, or deliberate seperation. There will be opportunities for deathknights to be become solars again, but the rules will be largely homebrewed, so as to prevent people from metagaming.

Places of interest for the first invasion are, in no particular order:
The Lap

Place of interest for long term invasion are:
Imperial City to Imperial Manse
Yu Shan's Central Gates to Censors sanctums
Cecelyne to Malfeas and Adjoran
Ot's Head
Underways of Gethemane
Depths of Sentinel's Watch

That will give us about a dozen medium length stories.

You will have to play an allied force though, none of you are strangers, not alien to Creation. You all just enter creation one to six hours every season for the past many years. You know the climate, but are younger than Creation's time would say.

Prepare to dominate and decimate moderate threats, despite the fact we'll roll through conflict, it'll be to assume what costs and energy is spent. Major threats, like Kejup and the Empress, will even be moderately difficult with enough planning, arming, or subterfuge. Dire Threats, such as the Imperial Manse, and Ebon Dragon will be doable, but the ceiling of what I will throw at the PCs.

This would be management of ill gotten gains. Rewarding the An Teng. Gathering the Temple of Illuminated, and retaking crowns such as the Coral Crown, Crown of Manses (custom) Crown of Thunder, a couple others, which signify a great seat of power. After these dozen or so stories, I'll probably end the game with a conclusion and give the players final action they wish to take.

I have no idea how long this will take, I do think posting everyday is impossible for me, but some days I may post multiple times. I'll also be looking for a Co-GM to help me when I know this has interest.

MY question is really does this sound fun/interesting/different enough to pledge a player spot.

The game would be adult. Though I will reserve Group A for the eroticism and Group G for the gruesome scenes, paraphrasing or omitting for the numbered groups for those not wanting to see it. If need be, out of interest, I may run a MAture board and adult board, that those minors could play the mature game and get the germanal events but not restricted content. I loath to do this though, it's cumbersome and a lot more time and care is needed to separate the two.

I don't really need nor want advice. I will, however, answer questions about the different stories as I am asked or is pertinent to the type of game you can expect.

I am planning to GM this in my off time, which is at least one night each week. Sometimes I'll have hours. Others just a single hour. So some post may be short, or missing all numeric data.

If you're interested, please post here. If you want to Rmail me, please post here anyway (and don't just say you Rmailed me, and it's against the forum rules). Even if you want to Rmail me a long lost of questions, just say you're interested here. That way it's public for others to gauge.

Thank you!

P.S. This will use 99% of printed rules, next to no homerules/bans will be used. For all its faults and features. Make no mistake, this will benefit the players far more than my antagonists. If it's printed, it only has a 1% chance of begin ignored. Infernals chapters don't count toward this limit though, nor do some very fringe books (that I probably don't even own or know about). Any level fivbe artifacts can be bought, up to once per major ones; like Bo3C. N/A will need to have discussion, but may be allowed as well. Amalgams are koesher. SMA Sifus will be Vizier STPCs, and are compelled by the PCs by their backgrounds. Lords of Creations Manse features are fine too. I will additonally be using a homerule that awards network nodes to most manses, that may link to manses that group may wish to claim. Even Sphhire Magic is puny to contend with the Shinmaic effects that guard Solar Sanctums.

Finally the Great Curse will be handled differently. When the agme is going underway I'll get into that in more detail. It will be less restrictive, not more.
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Sun 5 Jan 2020
at 07:45
IC: (Not Advice) Exalted 2.5e Great Escape (Alt Hist) Adult!
I'm interested.
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Sun 5 Jan 2020
at 13:04
IC: (Not Advice) Exalted 2.5e Great Escape (Alt Hist) Adult!
This sounds like a lot of fun. I am also interested.
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Fri 10 Jan 2020
at 00:01
IC: (Not Advice) Exalted 2.5e Great Escape (Alt Hist) Adult!
Interested, but I've never been good at Exalted.  Mainly, I can never think big enough.
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Wed 15 Jan 2020
at 16:57
IC: (Not Advice) Exalted 2.5e Great Escape (Alt Hist) Adult!
The game will be created today then. I know for a fact that IC's never yield full player representation.

I do want to stress this next point! The game is beginning it's construction phase. I am projecting to be done after March, as late as March 30th when I finalize my upcoming RL move then. We will, however, discuss character power level, group concepts, field questions and generally get into the spirit during the interim. I need to start working, and then I'll get interrupted in March/late-Feburary either way. So I might as well wait until after to start, so we're not delayed further :) Barring my RL health, the game will commence in early April. I plan on doing a great deal of work to make this ready, and fun to play!

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