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Wed 20 May 2020
at 08:41
Evil Rising - (A bit like Dungeon Keeper.)
Just checking for interest in a game similar to what you find in dungeon keeper. But with a more active role on the surface world. Basically you are a force of evil in a fantasy world rife with magic and monsters and various kingdoms. For story related reasons 4 embodiments of evil have awoken ready to reshape and conquer the continent they are  bound to. This is quite open in what sort of evil you want to be. You will be limited by being trapped where you were trapped but nothing stops you creating a minion, possessing it and using it as an avatar then leaving the confines of your source of influence.

In part it is a kingdom simulator as various problems will crop up and like a ruler you will have to make decisions on how to best proceed and all the consequences that brings while managing certain resources. You will also construct your own units/minions and flavour them to your own creative ends. So it is also like designing your own evil empire and its military capability. Like fantasy tabletop wargames but with heavier emphasis on RP and thematics. You can also recruit things that exist in the world as you discover them.

The system I will be using is more based on modes of play and is further broken up into phases. A given scene is labeled to differentiate its elements. This should hopefully allow for flexibility of creativity but also some strategy. This is the phases and modes of play outlined in brief. Greater detail will be outlined when I have enough interest.

[Dictates Phase] - In this phase you dictate what you spend your Influence points on. (Influence points are a limited resource. That refreshes eventually but stays the same.) You decide how much influence points will go into what it is you are deciding to do. So if it is send out a spy into a neighbouring city they will go do that. Maybe they are cloaked with your magic, or given a disguising artifact. The more influence points you expend the better chance they have but those influence points are locked to that action until it is resolved. You also dictate what they are to spy on. In the Causality Phase they will then report back. Alternative you could expend influence on scrying on the neighbouring city. Or sending out a scout.

[Mode of play - Guided.] Should you scry you will get given information immediately, but it also has an immediate consequence, potential of a mages guild being aware of what you are doing and responding in some way. At this point it becomes like a storyteller and player going back and forth until the conflict is resolved or consequences revealed. Guided means you are limited to intent only and cannot state an outcome on things labeled guided.

[Mode of Play - Freeform]  Ever wanted to detail setting loose a zombie dragon on a neighbouring village? This is your chance to do that. Certain things discovered will be considered expendable, meaning you can write what you like, do what you like and lay waste to those things considered expendable. Want to detail the awful outcome of some do gooder types entering your dungeon? I will basically use what happens in freeform mode to get ideas for the causality phase.

[Causality Phase.] Everything you do has a consequence. This Phase is where that all catches up as time jumps a little forward. So say you did let loose a zombie dragon on a village. Well the kingdom that village belonged to won’t like its bread basket being threatened. So sends out an inquisitor versed in holy rites and necromancy to figure out what happened there. Something you are only alerted to because you have a spy. Giving you one dictate turn before they arrive and trace back the dark magic to where it came from. If you scryed maybe the mages guild creates a spell that blinds your ability to scry for a few turns. Maybe that do-gooder you did unspeakable things too is part of an order of Paladins aware one of their own is in desperate need of rescue. Then there is the spy who sends in their report detailing a kingdom home to an ailing king and two brothers that despise one another aware an apothecary of significant renown is on their way in the hopes of curing the king. Oh the evil possibilities if you meddle…

Or the scout informs of you of the Village Norbrook - [Expendable.] Home mostly to farmers and pathetic militia. [Expendable]  But warns there is a hermit druid in the forest nearby. [Hermit Druid - Guided.]

So on and so on. Then it is back to the Dictate Phase. Where you expend influence to decide what to do next and fend off the consequences of what you did before.

This won't have player vs player. You will each be on one of the four continents. Able to communicate with one another in the council of evil. (Probably will rename that :P) Alongside the thing that woke you up in the first place. Because it is an evil focused game it will be adult in nature.

Hopefully that gives you a bit of a gist of my intentions. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions?
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Wed 20 May 2020
at 09:37
Evil Rising - (A bit like Dungeon Keeper.)
Could be fun as long as we're doing 'Tongue-in-Cheek' evil as opposed to 'Vile monster' evil.
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Wed 20 May 2020
at 14:22
Evil Rising - (A bit like Dungeon Keeper.)
Personally I'd be more interested in a subversive and diabolical evil. Why slaughter an order of paladins when you can corrupt them?