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Wed 1 Sep 2021
at 16:43
Homebrew Slasher [ADULT]
About this time of the year, I try to see if anyone's interested in playing a slasher RPG (i.e. an RPG designed explicitly to run slasher scenarios that might be capable of running other tangential games), ideally I'd like to get a full gauge of the interest before Halloween, so I can be started on or before that date. Here's what I'm looking for:
  • A very trope-tastic game
  • Gratuitous violence will occur by the villain, gratuitous nudity and drug use by the players optional
  • A high player count, ideally between 5 and 10. Ideally if 5 or more express interest here I can make a thread.
  • A roughly even cast, but will take a slightly female leaning cast.
I've also got a few ideas I've batted around over the years in rough order of preference:
  • Gopher Lake Massacre: A group of HS seniors (18 years old) are tasked with cleaning up an old summer camp in a nearby town owned by the family of the richest character in the hopes that the camp can be revived. Older cast members would be relatives of the students, or other curious locals.
  • Haunted House: One of those nice big ones with secret tunnels all throughout, and the cast would all be students of the same professor, whose field could be something legitimate, or in a field like metaphysics or parapsychology. This one could also be a reality TV show crew filming some sort of ghost hunter type show.
  • Dog Eat Dog World: The group is filming either a reality TV show, or a horror film, but people start getting eliminated for real.
    • Alternately, they could all be death row inmates tasked with eliminating each other to reduce the expense of having the state do it, and allowing the last inmate to go free. This one might require a bit more private messaging in order to allow players to set traps and not telegraph to the other players where the traps are, etc. Per RPoL rules though, this scenario would be harder to pull off as we'd need to ensure that there was other content besides the crime and gore--perhaps introspective backstories, reality TV confessionals, social commentary and other filler content to avoid having the game be solely about the gore and whatnot. I don't know if these inclusions would be enough to make this specific scenario rpol compliant, so if a moderator deems it not to be the case, I can strike this one off the list.
  • Risky Business: The characters work in a questionably moral, but legal business, such as a casino or strip club. Someone who believes that either the business is sinful, or that it has personally wronged them seeks damages in a very visceral way.
  • Pick Your Battles: Characters all belonged to the same military unit, and some incident from their past is coming back to haunt them.

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Tue 25 Oct 2022
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Homebrew Slasher [ADULT]
It's that time of year again, where I post an attempt to gauge interest in a horror RPG I wrote quite a while back. If I can get enough people I'm open to running just about any slasher horror, not just those ideas presented in this old post.