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Sat 9 Oct 2021
at 01:07
TSR's Top Secret Anyone?
Anyone interested in a game of Top Secret?  I'm looking for 2-3 inquisitive, active players hoping the game will move quickly.  Player-driven is the intent.
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Sat 9 Oct 2021
at 01:12
TSR's Top Secret Anyone?
I remember playing it in the 80s, but can't remember much about it.
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Sat 9 Oct 2021
at 01:13
TSR's Top Secret Anyone?
I am interested. Only recently recovered my Top Secret boxed set and would love an excuse to revisit it.
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Sat 9 Oct 2021
at 05:28
TSR's Top Secret Anyone?
Interested, but define "active". I'm not the daily-poster type.
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Sat 9 Oct 2021
at 14:31
TSR's Top Secret Anyone?
By active I mean someone who is not reactive only.  Someone who takes initiative without waiting for me as GM to prompt action, and who will prompt the other players and myself.  A collaborative partner.
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Mon 11 Oct 2021
at 21:08
TSR's Top Secret Anyone?
Are we talking Top Secret or Top Secret/S.I.? I'm good with either one. It's my second favorite genre after science fiction!

I grew up on The Man From U.N.C.L.E., I Spy, Secret Agent, Get Smart, Mission: Impossible, Our Man Flint, and, of course, James Bond! And I bought and read all the books out at the time!

Translating all that into a game isn't easy, even for proactive players since we can never be sure where the Administrator is leading us!
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Wed 20 Oct 2021
at 15:32
TSR's Top Secret Anyone?
I'd be game to play as the sidekick/assistant in a two-person max game.  Like an Agent 99 or something; I still have the original Top Secret rules!

But anything more than a two person game is too far afield for me.