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Tue 12 Oct 2021
at 06:26
IC: Epic D&D 3.5 (with Immortals HB) City based game
I will have the game ready by April, but I'd like to assess to if there's interest in an Epic D&D 3.5 game centered on a specific city (though there will be occasional forays outside) as the group are the founders and keepers.

So far I have interest for a wizard true necromancer. This person is a friend I know from F2F (prior to the pandemic). So likely a slight bent toward evil, but largely a neutral alignment with no extremists in terms of ethics or morals. So no paladins that have code of honor (of any type--Even Grayguards). Clerics and blackguards are fine, even good clerics.

The game will not be evil, or good, but mix of both. Heroism and villainy will go hand in hand; as rulers of the city (each in your own way) you'll be incentivized to aid the city and therefore its people.

I'm open for suggestions, but right now I have plans for divine encounters, large scale attacks, subvert collusion/treason and planar threats. There will also be quite a few scaled down threats that can be handed off to NPCs or a follower (if you have leadership) or you can intervene remotely or ostensibly with very nearly no effort. I have plans to see facilities and defenses, temples, and municipal structures and even Mythals that will afford a base building aspect.

If there's ample interest, I'll split my focus on working on my newest game and this project. If there's not, I'll probably wait until the New Year to seriously look at it and just collaborate with my F2F friend before actual pitch. I'd like to include people who are interested in the meantime, but I'm projecting about April of next year for the start date. I want to do ALOT of session 0 building though.
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Tue 12 Oct 2021
at 08:30
IC: Epic D&D 3.5 (with Immortals HB) City based game
I have long been wanting to try out IH, and have yet to have the opportunity. I will be extremely keen on playing in such a game, even if it takes some time to get kicked off. I am not sure what build I will go with yet. That will probably come when more details are sorted out. But for now, you have my initial interest, and I will continue to follow along with the discussion thread.
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Tue 12 Oct 2021
at 11:03
IC: Epic D&D 3.5 (with Immortals HB) City based game
I'm interested, 3.5 is also my favorite edition. Sounds like your friend picked my brain so now I have to come up with something slightly different! ;-)

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Tue 12 Oct 2021
at 16:57
IC: Epic D&D 3.5 (with Immortals HB) City based game
I have interest, but don't have (or familiar with) the Immortals HB.
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Tue 12 Oct 2021
at 18:39
IC: Epic D&D 3.5 (with Immortals HB) City based game
I don't even know what is Immortals HB, but count with me.
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Tue 12 Oct 2021
at 18:47
IC: Epic D&D 3.5 (with Immortals HB) City based game
In reply to kark2 (msg # 5):

There is no Immortals HB in 3.5 It is Epic HB and is 3.0 but works with 3.5, it works for me. Count me in

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Tue 12 Oct 2021
at 20:27
IC: Epic D&D 3.5 (with Immortals HB) City based game
In reply to zagygthemad (msg # 6):

I'm limited to linking, as many sites that mentioned it are sales sites, but it's a 3rd party book by Craig Cochrane. It's a companion to ELHB. I will be using the variant that allows Epic Level Spell Casting, but which does away with spell levels above 9th, instead imparting a sort of metamagic buffer for each action. In short, it has:

  1. Way more feats
  2. Both llnear and broad paths to godhood
  3. CRs that go well beyond 40th.

It does not have PrCs, or even classes for that matter, and has no playable races either. At least not for our purpose. It has no new spells (IIRC) and scant new magic items.

It will not be required persay, but those that use it may benefit from it better than those that don't. I'll be glad to relay suggestions for those that don't own it, and want to know what paths or options they may have. I will not, however, be able to relay even nearly everything.

Many feats and powers largely adhere to certain types of characters. I can probably do a well enough job to help you. If, however, you enjoy the ELH and would like to see 3rd party support for it, it's a companion, for what its worth.
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Tue 12 Oct 2021
at 21:13
IC: Epic D&D 3.5 (with Immortals HB) City based game
I'd be interested as well.
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Fri 15 Oct 2021
at 07:32
IC: Epic D&D 3.5 (with Immortals HB) City based game
Count with me too.
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Fri 15 Apr 2022
at 07:19
IC: Epic D&D 3.5 (with Immortals HB) City based game
This game was originally due to begin recruitment in April. As that is now, and I have been eagerly waiting for it, I was wondering if the game is still going to go ahead.
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Tue 19 Apr 2022
at 01:35
IC: Epic D&D 3.5 (with Immortals HB) City based game
In reply to V_V (msg # 1):

I would very much be interested in this.
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Thu 28 Apr 2022
at 02:03
IC: Epic D&D 3.5 (with Immortals HB) City based game
Wow....so I don't think I'm disobeying forum rules by saying this, since I didn't rekindle discussion on it; you two did; but this game is happening in some form. I had major RL setbacks. To keep it short here, you can view my player "V_V" RPoL profile to get the full update, it has blog of my setbacks. The most succinct way I can put it, is this:

  1. December car was struck by flying debris in windstorm
  2. Late February, only then getting insurance to pay "act of god" which totals car
  3. Very late February, get PoS interior (a horror show of mess) but working engine 1994 Toyota to replace old car, which had some damage on it prior to windstorm
  4. Early March; get sandbagged by roommate that we're getting evicted. I was under the impression our rent was paid by charity; because she lied to me.,
  5. Spent a week living in this horror show car; a living hell.
  6. Only now living in a Best Western with county funding to help for housing. Temporary housing.

So RPoL activity was shut down in December due to heated litigation for the car. By early March I quit all games, as I had to. I play none.

I got back on RPoL, maybe...I think a couple weeks ago. Using Best Western web access and getting my PC out of storage. If you want to continue some discussion, you can RTJ here. I am, with no exceptions, not accepting anyone into the game beyond just workshop discussion; if that. The game had overgone some serious reassessment.

So maybe this helps put into perspective why my projection was off.

I'm going to be going with this idea, but the board is not fully repurposed for it. If you want to RTJ, so you can talk about things, and ask questions not appropriate to this forum's rules (see the RPoL notice on this board's rules for what is better done at a game's bopard than here, and thus isn't acceptable here)

Here is where you can RTJ. Do expect a fair amount of change to be undergone. That said, RTJ, but please do NOT follow the RTJ prompts. If you do, oh well, I'm sorry, but they're sort of moot. Please Do NOT share this with friends, as I'm really only "leaking" this here, as it's germane. If people see this here, then they'll know the board is defunct but is going to be repurposed in the next few weeks and months. As I am without a home, I can't say if whether it'll be weeks or months. When I have home, then I'll be able to really dig in. I'm excited! I'm excited others (not just those here!) have been excited as well. So come here: link to another game

We can at least talk and you can get a read on my GMing style, and gather a general idea of some factors that may help you when I'm ready for more thorough RTJs.

Rather than lose the opportunity to reply, I'm posting the link, even though I'm not quite grounded of what's what. If I didn't post now, however, I might lose the current hype I'm feeling.

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