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Sun 17 Oct 2021
at 02:56
Advice:  D&D Mapping
I'd like to run a D&D game but I'm curious what mapping recommendations folks have.  Locally editing a map each combat turn seems like it could get tedious.  What are some others doing?
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Sun 17 Oct 2021
at 03:14
Advice:  D&D Mapping
For off site options I've most often seen games use Roll20.

I remember one used Google pictures/drawing/whatever it's called, which offered similar functionality of letting people see the map and move their own tokens and such.

You can also use either In Post tables or ASCII type maps, but I think that's about equal work to editing and uploading an image for each turn, just different work.
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Sun 17 Oct 2021
at 03:15
Advice:  D&D Mapping
The couple times it's come up, I went old school: if the players want a map, they can make it. I'll be happy to post it for the others.

I describe each room, and, if there is an error in the player made map, I check the mapper's Cartography skill and give corrections if it was a success.

Having players make our own maps never used to be a problem, but no one seems to think they should have to do it anymore. Even in games were a skill is given specifically to cover making one.
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Sun 17 Oct 2021
at 04:20
Advice:  D&D Mapping
The couple times it's come up, I went old school...

Pretty sure the OP just means for combat.

But I do the same.  The players can keep the map for noncombat usage.  For combat I go by theatre of the mind, or if the descriptions isn't working for some, the occasional quick sketch just to clarify rough positioning.  Of course I don't play games that have strict "board movement" or board control, so theatre of the mind works just fine.
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Sun 17 Oct 2021
at 14:10
Advice:  D&D Mapping
Yup, that will vary with the GM's ideas and preferences.

Since I am a tactical player, I also am a tactical GM. I like to create elaborate maps (map maker software, photoshop, moveable tokens, illumination, etc.) to manage a fight. Personally, I like to have the enhancement to the imagination by having a close enough facsimile of the location, and it gives me a good sense of tactical possibilities in the scenario. But that's just me.

The price I pay for that benefit is hours and hours of map drafting and crafting. But I also enjoy it, so there is that. =)
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Mon 18 Oct 2021
at 22:37
Advice:  D&D Mapping
Thanks for the responses everyone.  Gives me something to think about.