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Sun 14 Nov 2021
at 20:06
Godbound or Exalted
I'm looking to start a game here again and I'd like to explore the stories of mighty demigods as they shake the firmament and reshape the world with their ambitions. As a result, there are only two games that come to mind for something like this, and I want to gauge interest in them. The goal for either is to have a game that is player-directed to the point that it is very nearly, if not completely, a sandbox . . . by which I mean that the actions of the player characters will cause ripples in the world that create the challenges that rise up to meet them. My aim will be to provide an inciting event and then allow players to either adventure or build as they see fit, facing down outside threats as they become a problem.

Setting: Either the Dreaming Sea or a homebrewed sandbox corner of the south-easter Scavenger lands
System: Either Exalted: Essence or Godbound hacked for Exalted.

Creation has always been one of my great loves, and it was recently rekindled with the Essence kickstarter. I'm interested in telling a story about facing down rising darkness, whether that's fending off wyld hunts from a Realm Satrapy while managing unruly spirits or ranging across the Dreaming Sea facing monsters and sorcerous tyrants. I love the color of the setting and want to lean into the particular aesthetics that are so refreshing after spending so much time immersed in traditional western fantasy lately.

2) Godbound
Setting: Something homebrewed . . . reminiscent of creation with the serial numbers filed off. Taking inspiration variably from "Raya and the Last Dragon", Studio Ghibli Films, and Killsixbilliondemons.
System: . . . Godbound . . . with a few small houserules, mostly on the backend to make monsters feel more interesting.

I mostly want to just use this as a flexible engine to tell the stories of heroes/champions/demigods who, through might or skill or guile or fortune, inherited some fragment of true divinity and now fight in a world of monsters. I want to explore their adventures as they carve out a kingdom, face down terrible foes, and reshape the world . . . or die trying.

Either of these concepts is going to require players who are committed not only to posting regularly (though I don't expect daily posting, I'd like 2-3 per week with notice if you're going to be away more than a week), but to playing a self-motivated character with ambitions. I also ask my players to take a hand in creating parts of the setting, populating it with interesting legends and rumors for them to explore.

So, who's interested?
White Cat
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Sun 14 Nov 2021
at 20:43
Godbound or Exalted
In reply to Norwood (msg # 1):

I'm always interested in a Godbound game.
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Sun 14 Nov 2021
at 21:24
Godbound or Exalted
I'm always up for a Godbound game.
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Sun 14 Nov 2021
at 22:18
Godbound or Exalted
Godbound works better for play by post, in my opinion, by a lot.
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Mon 15 Nov 2021
at 00:04
Godbound or Exalted
The Godbound concept looks interesting. I'm in.