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Mon 22 Nov 2021
at 09:33
IC: See You Space Cowboy
Premise: In a lawless, war-torn galaxy, there are millions of places for criminals and outlaws to hide from the so-called proper authorities. When particularly infamous criminals go on the run, the standard practice is for varied agencies and institutions to put out bounties for their capture and leave the matter up to freelancers.

Bounty hunting can now be a very lucrative career for those with the skills and bravery to pursue it. Most bounty hunters operate in small groups, usually a single spaceship or a few traveling together. Some have grown very wealthy by capturing high profile criminals, now hunting their quarries with the latest in military equipment and the most advanced models of starships.

The crew of this particular tale is not one of those wealthy, sophisticated crews. Their ship is a thoroughly outdated model, repurposed from an old civilian craft. The crew have thus far barely managed to eke out a living by picking up petty criminals with minor bounties. Food, fuel, and maintenance have eaten up pretty much all their funds.

Still, things could always change. It only takes one big capture to make the big time. There are always bad guys to catch and people willing to pay. Maybe one day they’ll find the score they need to turn everything around.

Notes: This game takes place in a science-fiction-fantasy setting of my own design, though it does take inspiration from Cowboy Bebop and The Mandalorian.

System: I am more interested in characters and story than in system mechanics. As such, while this game uses a home-brewed version of Dungeons and Dragons, the fiction will often triumph over mechanics. I will always go the path that makes for a better story.
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 Survival of the fittest.
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Wed 24 Nov 2021
at 00:54
IC: See You Space Cowboy
I love this genre, and have always enjoyed games set in similar settings. Though in my experience they usually have a pretty short lifespan. If it were entirely freeform I'd definitely be interested.
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Wed 24 Nov 2021
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IC: See You Space Cowboy

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