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Sat 21 May 2022
at 20:59
American Colonial game interest and info ?
Has anyone played or GM'd either Colonial gothic, or Flames of Freedom Grim and Perilous rpg ?  Colonial America, 18th century ?  Any thoughts ?
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 Hopepunk with a shovel
Sat 21 May 2022
at 22:12
American Colonial game interest and info ?
Playing Colonial Gothic, system is easy, smooth and favours a shallower/pulpy plot, but isn't so magic- or combat-focused that it can't be modded pretty simply into something more complex and attractive to people who like actual historical RP.

Very heavy white settler/planter bias present; if using this system, would advise offering considerable extra background-relevant skill bonuses to players bringing Native (or/and female/Black, stacking) concepts to the table to iron out bugs like people whose ancestors have mapped out every rock in the area between trail marks and oral literature getting constantly lost, women lacking sewing skills, or winding up with a party composed only of high-status white men via those being the only attractive option (there're only so many plantations you can fit in riding distance of plausibly meeting up, even assuming you've wiped out everyone in the villages that would otherwise be in the way).

GMing this period, though not these systems or in the colonies - not entirely sure if you were asking about this, but the grammar was unclear - the era appears to be popular enough that I ended up turning several people away after an interest check without even putting an ad up. Lack of being elbow-deep in the cruel and bloody mechanics of colonialism and having the Empire as merely a distant background may have influenced that enthusiasm, though. Likely interest depends most on what sort of game you're proposing.

As an RPoL note, if you like NPCs to have portraits for player-available bios, there are currently a decent amount of redcoats for this period and little else.
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Fri 27 May 2022
at 20:14
American Colonial game interest and info ?
In reply to Silverlock (msg # 1):

If you run something, I'd be interested.