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Fri 17 Jun 2022
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Fallout 4 inspired Sandbox Game
Hey everyone, been away for awhile but things are settling down more and I had an idea for what could be a great Fallout game so I was going to see if anyone else is interested. Iíve been playing the video games since Fallout 3 and Iíve always loved the setting and factions. The game would be set in the commonwealth, during the year 2287. When the game starts itíll be the year 2077, a few hours before the bombs drop. Each player would get to ďfree-formĒ role play their character to establish their background and get into character before the game really starts. Everyone will be residents of Pre-War Sanctuary, allowing for the characters to have had previous interactions with one another. Once the bombs begin to fall everyone will head for Vault 111, and from there the game will progress.

The plot will obviously differ from the game, but with the same overall story. So expect Synths, the Brotherhood of Steel, Gunners, the Minutemen, children of atom, etc. I plan to include the Far Harbor content, maybe Nuka World if there is enough interest in playing through that arc. The player characters would have unique backgrounds, like Chinese spy, West-Tek research scientist, Vault Tec employee, maybe a veteran from Anchorage, or any other possible background players can think of.

With the game being sandbox, players would need to push the story themselves, Iím totally cool with filling the world with NPCís, random encounters, and making sure things move forward in the background with Factions and world events. But Iím going to do my best to let players decide what they want to do and where they want to go.  So Iím looking for interest from players who would take that opportunity and go crazy with it. If I use a paragraph to describe a location Iím okay with the players coming back and adding another paragraph to that description with their post. Iím almost to flexible with players when it comes to running a game, as Iíve always seen the GM as another player, they just control the NPCs but both the GM and the players write the story and build the world. While we will be using Bethesdas Fallout 4 for inspiration we can change things up as we see fit.

No  prior experience with the games or Fallout in general would be needed, and the only thing you would really need to know/expect is itís going to be a nuclear post apocalypse game with mutated creatures,  fusion powered  tech and an alternate timeline to our own world.

System wise Iím looking for suggestions, I had considered going with a rules lite home brew mechanic using the SPECIAL method to determine attributes, and using fallout based skills. But if thereís a popular system the players recommend I can check that out.

Rating would be MATURE, for violence and language, and no sexual content would be permitted. Take it to the rmail if thatís your thing.

If this is something youíd be interested in, let me know. Feel free to ask any questions or offer feedback and suggestions. Thanks for reading!
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Fri 17 Jun 2022
at 18:35
Fallout 4 inspired Sandbox Game
I'd be interested, depending on what system is used.
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Fri 17 Jun 2022
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Fallout 4 inspired Sandbox Game
I am also interested depending on system and such.
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Fri 17 Jun 2022
at 19:27
Fallout 4 inspired Sandbox Game
Also interested in a Fallout game.

Modiphius currently has a Fallout RPG in print that works quite well, if that is of interest to you, Wraith9.
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Fri 17 Jun 2022
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Fallout 4 inspired Sandbox Game
Glad to see thereís some interest!

System wise Iíve considered Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, as Iím already quite familiar with the rules and it wouldnít be hard to tweak them to fit Fallout. Thereís probably already some fallout savage worlds material. I also considered GURPS but with so little experience with the rules that will likely require to much work on my end and Iíll get burned out. But Iíve heard really good things about GURPS.

Iíll check out the Fallout RPG Finlos, do you have experience playing it yourself? What did you like about it?
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Fri 17 Jun 2022
at 19:51
Fallout 4 inspired Sandbox Game
I would be very interested in a GURPS Fallout game personally, and would be happy to help you set it up of you were interested in learning.

GURPS can be fairly lethal though, just a heads up. It's going to depend on what sort of feel you are going for.

If you want a brutal commonwealth, GURPS is your system!
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Fri 17 Jun 2022
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Fallout 4 inspired Sandbox Game
I also considered GURPS but with so little experience with the rules that will likely require to much work on my end and I�ll get burned out. But I�ve heard really good things about GURPS.

Firstly, GURPS is a toolset to build your own system, it will do whatever you want it to do, anyone saying otherwise either had a GM who didn't understand how to tweak it, or is themselves a GM who doesn't understand how to tweak it.

Frex, out of the box GURPS Basic's settings are at "gritty and (vaguely) realistic", which fits Fallout 1 and 2.  For a world more like Fallout 3 and New Vegas you want "gritty and action", which is pretty easy to do, but you've got to know what you're doing (which means knowing what rules to ignore [like bleeding and different armor types] and what options to turn on [like Impulse Points]).  But it also depends on what you're wanting to port over, the world, lore, and feel?  Easy-peasy...  Perks?  That's a whole nother kettle of fish - for Fallout, F2, and Fallout: Tactics, it's not bad.  Skills were still the predominant method of accomplishing things, Perks were just tiny bonuses.  Fallout 3 and New Vegas, it's a bit more difficult, especially if you're also looking to emulate VATS.  Fallout 4?  Don't use GURPS, use some other system that's mushy and not gritty, because skills have no place in Fallout 4.

As much as I dislike Savage Worlds, it might be simpler to use than trying to learn a new system and then put together a game in that new system.  The Perks can map pretty easily over to Edges if you're aiming at Fallout 1, 2, 3, and New Vegas.

Fallout 4 should probably be run using something completely squishy like FAE.
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Fri 17 Jun 2022
at 23:55
Fallout 4 inspired Sandbox Game
In reply to Wraith9 (msg # 5):

I do have experience playing it myself

A few Several things I liked about it, in no particular order:

Character creation fairly simple and looks close to Fallout 2
Character origins cover most options Brotherhood/Vault Dweller/Survivor/others
Good rules for scavenging and modding
Tiered perks are almost directly from the game
Good background info and plot hooks, if limited to the Commonwealth
Monsters from the computer games already converted and easy to tweak as the party levels up

No need to convert anything.

Recent errata from Modiphius is useful in clarifying some points.

Wraith9, feel free to rMail me if you have further questions
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Sat 18 Jun 2022
at 01:28
Fallout 4 inspired Sandbox Game
The Fallout RPG by Modiphius looks perfect for what I had in mind, so most likely we will be using that system but I am giving GURPS a look over as well, let me know what you guys think of the Fallout RPG. Iím aware not everyone may have the book or PDF but I can help with character creation if needed, the system itself isnít to complicated (attribute + skill , roll a dice pool of 2-5 d20s, count success and resolve).
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Sun 19 Jun 2022
at 15:36
Fallout 4 inspired Sandbox Game
Continuing game discussion here : link to another game

Game is RATED mature. Anyone is welcome to drop in if they are interested, I wonít be advertising the game until next week, as we are still figuring out game mechanics