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Sun 26 Jun 2022
at 05:45
IC: EZD6 one-shot playtest…
Earlier this month DM Scotty and Runehammer put out EZD6, a fast-moving game of fantasy mayhem. It looks great to me and I’m interested in running a one-shot playtest. Players wouldn’t need the rules but would need to be willing to be patient as it’s a new system. Though it is really light. The genre is action-adventure fantasy. The tone is a bit gonzo and the mechanics don’t shy away from letting the PCs do cool stuff.

Is anyone interested?

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Sun 26 Jun 2022
at 16:04
IC: EZD6 one-shot playtest…
I’m all in.
Dr. Mindermast
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Mon 27 Jun 2022
at 00:13
IC: EZD6 one-shot playtest…
Sure, I'll give it a try as well
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Mon 27 Jun 2022
at 16:01
IC: EZD6 one-shot playtest…
I'd play.
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Fri 1 Jul 2022
at 21:02
IC: EZD6 one-shot playtest…
We can probably run something short and sweet with three.

Let's give it a shot.

No RTJ process. If you're interested, you're in.

Here's the game:

link to another game

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