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Sat 23 Nov 2019
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Awakened Prophecy - Discord RPG
Game System: Homebrew, a simple mix of Play-by-Post and D20.
Platform: Discord Text Chat
Name of Game: Awakened Prophecy
Genre: Multi-Genre, Science Fiction and Fantasy and Superheroic elements.

Date & Time: Weekdays (2pm-9pm PST/PDT) | Weekends (11am-10pm PST/PDT)
Preferably a time when the players can all be online so schedule can be discussed.

A group of university students and town misfits do a project to find the dark secrets that their hometown of Fraser may hold. They discover and explore the secret world of the anomalous and secret organizations puppeteer society. The Fraser township and a secret global organization called the Initiative are trying to stop them from exposing supernatural anomalies to the public world, while an ancient cosmic being seeks to consume the universe including Earth. We have no choice but to face the light in the void of darkness.

What do we Offer - Players can brainstorm on story arcs, plots and worldbuild together in regards to the game.

  • Literate, able to write 4+ Lines.
  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Able to commit to the campaign.

If you are interested and want an server invite, rMail me with a 4-Line writing sample, and a list of questions you may have.
[ 2/7 players]