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Wed 4 Nov 2020
at 21:01
Modded WoD Urban Fantasy Game
Hey all!
We're looking for more players to add to a series of episodic one shots set in an urban fantasy world. The system we use is based on World of Darkness, but with the normal d10s replaced with the narrative dice from Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. For more info on the system see the google doc
The concept of the first one shot is as follows:
You were created by necromancy, an abomination, hunted by religious zealots and unprotected by the law. Having fled the captivity of your creators, you are doing your best to fit in, and live as normal a life as possible, without attracting any attention. But nothing ever stays quiet forever...
Looking for a big-ish group of players so we can reliably play one-shots even if people aren't all around. Players must be LGBT+-friendly as the GM is a trans woman. If interested join the discord here or send a discord friend request to WumbologyMajor#1881 and he will get you into contact with the GM.

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