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Thu 3 Dec 2020
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Dragon Age: Legacy - a PBeM RPG
The year is 9:34 Dragon. It has been three years since two Grey Wardens killed the archdemon, thus ending the Fifth blight. In Jader, an Orlesian port city on the border with Ferelden, adventurers confront danger, explore mysteries, and right wrongs... most of the time. Travelers, merchants, and goods from across Thedas have passed through Jader for ages, and the city is home to people of diverse origins.

Dragon Age Legacy takes place in and around the city of Jader, much like the adventures of Dragon Age II were set in Kirkwall.

This game is set up in NOVA (a custom pbem rpg shared-document format), with OOC discussion on discord. This is a collaborative group and players are encouraged to participate in story development.