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Thu 3 Dec 2020
at 03:32
fantasy exploration board game seeks playtesters on TTS
My new game, The Grand Expedition, is now available for playtesting on Tabletop Simulator. Each player controls a team of adventurers competing for loot and fame as they explore the dangerous wilds. Make friends with the creatures you find out there, or kill them and take their stuff, then upgrade your party and head back out for more. And then message me and tell me how it went so I can make it better before I try shopping it around to publishers.

The TTS workshop link is https://steamcommunity.com/sha...tails/?id=2306909669. You can also download the rulebook alone from https://www.scribd.com/documen...pedition-Rulebook-v1; you can also message me if you want to take a look at some of the other assets.

Any questions? Feel free to post here, or message me.

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