Doc Grant
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Thu 3 Dec 2020
at 03:55
Players Wanted--Zombie Apocalypse game using CoC 6th edition
Hey all, thought I'd put out an ad for a game I'm really enjoying offsite. Zombie Apocalypse uses Call of Cthulhu ruleset, but is non-Mythos, though it has its own similar mythology. It is a modern survival horror campaign inspired by Romero's zombie movies, with a massive ensemble cast of characters. It's similar in style to The Walking Dead (though closer to Fear the Walking Dead's early episodes, as it takes place at the very start of the zombie outbreak). It's not investigative horror per se, though there may be some investigation in it. It's highly lethal, which is why players are encouraged to play multiple characters, and players can play from 1 to 4 different characters. The game has some adult content so 18+ is strongly encouraged.

Characters are pre designed,but there's over 100 NPC's in play currently, so chances are you'll be able to find some that interest you to play. every character also has a secret or secrets known only by the DM and player of the character, bringing an interesting level of intrigue to the game. We're currently still on day 1 of the zombie outbreak, and have just started chapter 2 of the game-- the army has arrived to reinforce the truckstop that many of the characters find themselves at a tthe start of the apocalypse, bringing with it a perfect opportunity for newcomers to catch up. The game is also entirely archived if potential players would like to catch up via reading what has happens so far.

Personally even as someone who dislikes zombies I've found this game to be a great deal of fun. I hope some of you who read this find it to be something you'd be into as well. To join, just follow the link below and post in the thread or message the GM, who will be more than happy to get you started. Hope to see you there. :)