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Fri 8 Jan 2021
at 21:43
Werewolf Inspired PBP (jcink)
This is not my site whatsoever, but I've been thoroughly enjoying the storytelling that is happening here and would welcome the talented writers of RPoL to partake in it's elegant and well thought-out wolf lore and forest-y magicks sans vampires if such settings may compel your curiosity. ;)

Duality is based in the neighborhood of Northshore, Seattle and various west coast mountains and forests, where the threat of wolves is as real as the fairy tales tell it. Most humans don't believe they even exist, but every so often the reminders of such beings in our midsts resurface by way of 'animal attacks' or exaggeratingly large wolf sightings.

And while the human world works to filter the truth from their reality, wolves alike have become their own vigilantes, fighting to keep their secret while protecting the mortal man from wolves gone rogue. Packs establish a hierarchy that protect their kind in both physical and diplomatic matters, but with the new development of the Lunaris Mori (wolves who have no control over their shifting abilities) the canines of Northshore face an even more complex opponent: themselves.

Link to site:
Duality's Discord:

Characters can be wolf shifters, Lunaris Mori, basic flesh-y humans and even hunters who devote their lives to hunting and killing the creatures that stalk their shadows. How many characters you can build is determined by posting ability: the more you post and the more substance your posts are, the more points you will earn to purchase character badges and fun upgrades to your character. Duality is also known for running some very enjoyable writing challenges and events to truly exercise your writing ability!

Hope to see you there!